Tuesday, November 2, 2010


ah ive been a total slacker on blogging lately, ive just been so tired and lazy and with lots of school work, and work in general. ive just been missing my long hair lately ): and im ready for it to grow back out again!

this is pretty much what my hair has been like over the past year. 
orangey/blonde, red/brown, blonde, and now its short and black haha.

and im not sure what color looks best on me!? what do you all think?!  
ill try to keep up my posting, and taking more pictures.i have alottt of updating to do :]

Thursday, September 16, 2010


TA DA!  HAHA. i just got my hair recently cut, and i dyed it.  and i loveee it. its so much easier to maintain now. <3  and ive beensuch a slack blogger lately!  ive been busy, super super busy.  i got a gym membership with my mother.  and weve been going every single day, except thursdays cause i usually dont have time. ):  but the gym is sooo much fun!  bryan is going to join soon, or so he says heh.

oh! i got a job! YAYYY at charlotte russe.  their clothes are so adorable.  i love it. i havent bought anything yet though! im trying to save up for christmas shopping, so i can get an entire new wardrobe :]
hope you guys have a fan tabulous weekend!  even though its not friday yet, for me thursdays are my fridays :]  
no school :D yay.

oh, and if you were wondering my makeup or outfit!
i have mac - utterly game on my cheeks
mac - crosswires on my lips
and on my eyes is the revlon natural cream eyeshaddow pallette
and my dress is from kohls, and the brand is apt.  9 and its an adorableeee dress <3

Thursday, September 2, 2010


lots going on with the title right! :D 
well today was a semi-okay day :/ i had a math test, that i did fab. on! and then i got my hair cut.  i went to this place ive never been to before, and my cousin cut my hair instead of my regular expensive stylist.  and when i got there i had NO idea that it was a beauty school.  until after i was halfway through the haircut...  yep. she did a terrible job. my bangs are uneven, and my hair isnt symetrical.  ): so im going to my regular stylist tomorrow to see if she can fix any thing.  
like i said in a previous post, i went and got a couple revlon things and few mac items. and im SOOO EXCITED. 

sooo this is what i got! for only around eight dollars! 
revlon matte lipstick in 001 nude attitude
i got the new lipstains ( that are amazinggg btw) they last forever. i got flame and forbidden
and i also got this cream eyeshadow palette  in buff chamois. 
and does anyone know what i use to put these on? ive been using my fingers ):

and my gorgeouss mac things ;]
the lipstick is a creamsheen in crosswires, its a really bright coral, but it looks dark pink in the light ):
and the blush i wasnt going to get but it looked great when i swatched it.  its the mineralize blush in utterly game, and its a nice dusty coral/peach/brown? :D


and this is essie california coral <3 ive been trying to get natural light pictures, and they look amazing!