Saturday, February 27, 2010

HELLOOOOOO, ah ive had a not so good/stressful day so far. boy problems as usual D: but its whatever, ive always had problems in that area. oh and by the way my aunt owns a nail salon and gave me a few polishes, so ill need to do swatches of them soon! a few purples and a silver and orange i think. they're something ive never heard of. mymom seems to adore the colors. so they'll be put to good use. so i have my very first essie polish! and i'm so excited. i found it at target, but i guess i never noticed it there before, o.p.i was there too!

its a nice rich red creme, but in the bottle it looks like a really deep hot pink, which i loved. but in all the pictures i took it kept looking like a bright red! i was very dissapointed, but application went smoothly. seche clear base coat, two coats of red label, and one light coat of covergirl's ruby dust for some glitter.


I'm posting a few pictures today! so theyre going to be short i suppose. so my friend picked out this orange polish, i dont have many orange, yellow, green, or blue polishes. so she picked an orange for me!
34 petites - Mango
its a very bright orange creme! and i love it, im not a fan of shimmers so this was the perfect orange for me. although bright colors dont look too well on me, this was a pretty good color. the application was simple, two thick coats and no topcoat.

Monday, February 22, 2010

HEY GUYS sorry these pictures are backwards, i kept trying to fix it but then it was saying it was a messed up html or something. EPIC FAIL ugh that bothers me, but oh well i guess. i did this mani like two days after valentines, this wouldve been my valentines mani if i thought about it haha. this is a short post cause i'mreally busy with work and friends and sleeping and such. so i apologize!

For this mani i used Sally Hansen in Delightful Dawn, Sally Hansen HD in Hi-Res, and Rimmel French White Tip PRO.

i started with delightful dawn as the base coat in three layers, sally hansen is always great when applied, flawlessly. ;] then i added in the HD Hi-Res in one layer of thick dots. finally i went around the dots in the white, and for a seemless look i put dots over top of the white.

Friday, February 19, 2010


okay so i did this really interesting mani the other day, and i really really liked it. its so pretty. i got all of the colors at the same time as well.

the colors in order from left to right are as follows :
Cover Girl Boundless Color - Blue You
Rimmel - French White
Seche Clear - Basecoat
Nicole by O.P.I - Wink Of Twink

well i loved all four of these polishes, the basecoat was fabulous it dries as soon as you put it on. ill need to invest into more basecoats because this is my first one, its an interesting thing but i do enjoy it. The covergirl blue you was an easy application, i did two coats. its a deep royal blue, its the perfect blue and it also has silver shimmers in it, i had no streaks or any bubbles. i'm really suprised that covergirl could develop a great nailpolish, their makeup is great anyways :] the rimmel nailpolish was great as well! i got this because of the Nic's stick i bought the other day is not good at all! its not thick like nailpolish, and its as sheer as water. anyways! ENOUGH of my ranting haha. and as for the nicole polish, i loveee the nicole polish its an amazing silver holo with shimmers galore! . all of them that i have work great! so nicole is a thumbs up for me :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

topcoat fail!

this picture is of sally hansen Grass Slipper, Rimmel French White Tip Pro, and i have this pretty light pink color with no labels on it at all, so i have no idea where its from, and the hearts are from Nicole Love Your Life. Please ignore the terrible cracks and things around the cuticles, it was still wet and smearing. it was a terrible mani. my next one will be better i promise!

hello once again, ive been having topcoat troubles! i bought this new topcoat by nicole by o.p.i and everytime i put it on, it makes the nailpolish all soft. i went to work the next day and my nails got destroyed! it was a terrible mess, maybe i just dont let it dry enough or something, or im doing too thick of layers on the nails. and if anyone knows of a great topcoat product let me know!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello All!

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic - i absolutely love this color! its easy to apply and the brush is very interesting, its wider than normal brushes. it looks gray in the bottle, but when its on the nail and with the flash it looks more like a mauve or purple gray shade. and please excuse the chipped nails! i was wearing this color for a few days.

Well i'm danielle! and i'm really excited to be starting this blog! i've been so inspired by all of those nail polish blogs ive been looking through. i was definitely inspired by NAIL FANATIC, her blog was the first i found off of tumblr, and i looked through all of the gorgeous polish she has. I dont have a computer to upload posts often, but i'm pretty excited about purchasing a Macbook this weekend<3>