Friday, February 19, 2010


okay so i did this really interesting mani the other day, and i really really liked it. its so pretty. i got all of the colors at the same time as well.

the colors in order from left to right are as follows :
Cover Girl Boundless Color - Blue You
Rimmel - French White
Seche Clear - Basecoat
Nicole by O.P.I - Wink Of Twink

well i loved all four of these polishes, the basecoat was fabulous it dries as soon as you put it on. ill need to invest into more basecoats because this is my first one, its an interesting thing but i do enjoy it. The covergirl blue you was an easy application, i did two coats. its a deep royal blue, its the perfect blue and it also has silver shimmers in it, i had no streaks or any bubbles. i'm really suprised that covergirl could develop a great nailpolish, their makeup is great anyways :] the rimmel nailpolish was great as well! i got this because of the Nic's stick i bought the other day is not good at all! its not thick like nailpolish, and its as sheer as water. anyways! ENOUGH of my ranting haha. and as for the nicole polish, i loveee the nicole polish its an amazing silver holo with shimmers galore! . all of them that i have work great! so nicole is a thumbs up for me :D

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