Saturday, February 27, 2010

HELLOOOOOO, ah ive had a not so good/stressful day so far. boy problems as usual D: but its whatever, ive always had problems in that area. oh and by the way my aunt owns a nail salon and gave me a few polishes, so ill need to do swatches of them soon! a few purples and a silver and orange i think. they're something ive never heard of. mymom seems to adore the colors. so they'll be put to good use. so i have my very first essie polish! and i'm so excited. i found it at target, but i guess i never noticed it there before, o.p.i was there too!

its a nice rich red creme, but in the bottle it looks like a really deep hot pink, which i loved. but in all the pictures i took it kept looking like a bright red! i was very dissapointed, but application went smoothly. seche clear base coat, two coats of red label, and one light coat of covergirl's ruby dust for some glitter.

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