Monday, February 22, 2010

HEY GUYS sorry these pictures are backwards, i kept trying to fix it but then it was saying it was a messed up html or something. EPIC FAIL ugh that bothers me, but oh well i guess. i did this mani like two days after valentines, this wouldve been my valentines mani if i thought about it haha. this is a short post cause i'mreally busy with work and friends and sleeping and such. so i apologize!

For this mani i used Sally Hansen in Delightful Dawn, Sally Hansen HD in Hi-Res, and Rimmel French White Tip PRO.

i started with delightful dawn as the base coat in three layers, sally hansen is always great when applied, flawlessly. ;] then i added in the HD Hi-Res in one layer of thick dots. finally i went around the dots in the white, and for a seemless look i put dots over top of the white.

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