Thursday, February 18, 2010

topcoat fail!

this picture is of sally hansen Grass Slipper, Rimmel French White Tip Pro, and i have this pretty light pink color with no labels on it at all, so i have no idea where its from, and the hearts are from Nicole Love Your Life. Please ignore the terrible cracks and things around the cuticles, it was still wet and smearing. it was a terrible mani. my next one will be better i promise!

hello once again, ive been having topcoat troubles! i bought this new topcoat by nicole by o.p.i and everytime i put it on, it makes the nailpolish all soft. i went to work the next day and my nails got destroyed! it was a terrible mess, maybe i just dont let it dry enough or something, or im doing too thick of layers on the nails. and if anyone knows of a great topcoat product let me know!

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  1. Okay, I know I'm responding to an old post, but I think I have quite a few that are quite nice.

    Sally Hansen MegaShine --> I like this one because it can readily be bought at any drugstore/big box location that carries Sally Hansen nail products. I've used two thick coats for a really shiny mani, and for me it doesn't cause tip shrinkage.

    Poshe --> This one I bought at my Sally's, and it's about the same as MegaShine as far as performance.

    Seche Vite --> The first topcoat I've ever used. From what I've read (and this has happened to me personally as well), this stuff causes tip shrinkage. I'd wait until the polish dries fully then put this stuff on.

    All of these are fast-drying topcoats, so that's definitely a plus. Invest in one of these, and you should have a topcoat that does your mani more good than harm.

    Another one that comes highly recommended (but I haven't used so I don't know) is Nubar's Diamont topcoat.

    Anyway, sorry to respond to such an old post, but I just wanted to help. :) Love your blog.