Wednesday, March 31, 2010


heyyy everyone, sorry i havent been posting much recently. my best friend bryan is back in town for spring break so ive been busy seeing him everyday and working and such. today i woke up early and went to panera bread with him and we went to see bounty hunter at the movies.  SO GOOD. haha gerard butler is soo hot, i dont know why im attracted to men and scruffy beards :]
ALSO, with being busy, ive some how developed a cold or something. its just a runny/stuffy nose, and a sore throat. plus im nauseous.  ugh i never get sick, and i hate it when it does happen. 
tomorrow im busy again, waking up, shower, haircuts with bryan, lunch, work. basically. (there might be more im doing shoved in my day somewhere)

please excuse how messy this is.  i was very impatient on letting this dry, cause the color isnt my favorite.
its a sheer lavender cream, although it looks sort of pink.  it was so hard to get this to get even. it was streaky, plus the brush was terrible like all the other sally hansen brushes D: 
and see those two pictures right there, i dont know how that happens.  its either the quick dry i put on or the formula.  it just didnt adhere to the nail i suppose, or i had too thick of coats on.  and it just pulled off the nail, all of my nails did that. it pulled right off. pretty discusting i say.

anyways im off to watch movies, goodnight YALL xD

Sunday, March 28, 2010


sooo im home from the beach, gah i wish i couldve stayed there. its so amazing in downtown. :] 
just sooo many people walking everywhere. 
well anyways. it was a gloomy day, but pretty. so im watching movies with my brother. 
im so exhausted. so this is a short post, sorry.

with flash.

in sunlight.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


heyyy!  so im just doing a little update because guess what!


yep, im in charleston, and its beautiful today. bryan and i came down to have dinner with some friends and stay a night. its been so much fun.  we went downtown and went to the markets, saw the ocean, and did a little shopping.  we went  into a few places but my favorite is URBAN OUTFITTERS. oh boy i love that place. and bryan got a shirt and got me something too.  NAILPOLISH, gah i love him. it was only a dollar. but still.

its a cuteeee blue grey cream color. ( i dont have any like that yet) i'll be sure to put that on when i get home!.  but right now im just trying to relax before i get ready to go to dinner. im pretty sure were going to bubba gumps. which is somewhere downtown, ive never been. after dinner im not sure what we'll do.  maybe we'll go see alice in wonderland at the imax theatre :]  has anyone seen that movie yet? iheard its pretty good.  and tomorrow i think ill suprise bryan and drive down to folly <3 i enjoy walking along the beach. its so calm.
 yeah i thought i should post a picture, just because.
this is roxy. before her hair cut she just got :]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so i was taggedd by HOW DOTH THE LITTLE CROCODILE  for a ten things that make me happy type thingggy.
and im so thrilled!
1. i loveee snow and winter! i'm from the south, south carolina exactly.  we get snow about one day a year, if were lucky. it snowed two days this year!  i love love love loveeee snow! D: haha, and my little dog roxy loves the snow too.
2. roxy! my fat toy poodle, shes amazing. i'd do anything for her, plus shes super adorable.
3. my best friends! bryan and sierra, ive known them for a longggg time. bryan and i are getting an apartment soon! i'm really excited about thatt.
4.  i make these really cool book things, i'm in the process of making one now, i usually make them for bryan. i basically just get an old hardback book rip out most of the pages, and glue pages together so there is room.  then i put magazine pieces in it. its basically like a scrapbook, but a book.  the ones ive been making have had a song as the theme, i dont know what im doing with this one quite yet, seeing as i havent even finished the cover.
5.  this might sound weird, but i love having dreams.  ive been taking sleeping medicine at night cause it takes me forever to clear my head and actually fall asleep. i heard sleeping medicine makes you have pretty crazy dreams, and thats right, my dreams have been OFF THE WALL lately. haha.  so vivid and interesting. its pretty insane.
6. i like walking on the beach, not swimming, not doing anything. just. walking. i know that might sound pretty weird, but yes i enjoy that.
7.  swimming! i love it. i would swim for hours and hours, everyday if i could haha.
8.  gah this list is getting harder to do. umm oh yes, movies! i  watch movies everyday, two or three. i have a habit of putting a movie in while im on the computer, or watching a movie on the computer.  strange huh? ;]
9.  clothess! what girl doesnt love clothes? if i had the money my closet would be hugee. i stopped buying clothes all the time though, i went bankrupt.  so i had to stop. completely. haha.
10. hmm i guess doing my nails.  this whole blog thing has got me into doing my nails again, buying loads of nailpolish, and looking at all kinds of things like the konad stuff, ive never heard of. its just so much to learn.

and i thought i'd do a little picture :] this is cheyenne, sierras sister, i love her!
this is

Sunday, March 21, 2010


whoa i havent posted in a few days! oh no! D:   everytime i get on to post, i end up forgetting about it and doing something else.  i was catching up on the secret life of the american teenager episodes! gah, i couldnt find episode twenty or twenty one, so i missed the whole part about why ricky left and adrian having sex with ben.  haha that show is so addicting.  a friend of mine told me about a show on the BBC channel, called skins? has anyone ever heard of that? i ahvent, and it looks like a cheaper version of any other teen show. 

anywaysss. this is my last week before my short three day vacation off of work :D haha
bryan is coming back and were going to go to charleston for the weekend, and if its warm enough were gonna go swimming :D i'm so excited. if youre wondering why charleston, its because i used to go to school down there and i have a few friends i partied with.  so i'm going to meet up with them saturday night.  im really excited, i'm trying to think of fun things to do incaseee our charleston trip gets canceled. okay lets talk  nails! :D

i loveddd t his color in the bottle, it ended up being really really sheer, which was a disaster.  this was at least five coats. and the last one i made it thick. this picture was taken in my room with the flash.
and the picture below was taken on my break from work in natural light.  its not really that blue, but i dont know why it looks blue. ugh it looks so messyy in that picture. oh well, i need a better clean up routine. strange o.O

Thursday, March 18, 2010


heyy uhh im going to do a really quick post since i dont really know what to say xD

oh i have 9 and counting followers! and im so excited!! :D haha.
i know nine doesnt sound like much, but it means so much to me, honestly. :]

my first blurple, i dont like it really, in one coat it was blue, second coat it turned indigo, third coat is both? i dont know, its weird.  notopcoat, i love the shimmer on this though :]

and heres a picture of it in the sunlight/shade and it looks more like a deep indigo than anything.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey everyone! i had a greattt day today, i got to see sierra and stay at her house last night. and we went to walmart and got food, as usual. haha.  oh! today is the day i met my best friend! i met bryan on this day four years ago :D and we call it best friend anniversary day! <3 
i get to see him in eight days, im so excited! were going to go see alice in wonderland together. haha. 
this is a picture of us we took a month or two ago :] 

also today i got a good haul from walgreens and walmart! 
i got revlon cuticle remover, and revlon liquid quick dry. i havent tried these out yet but i will later.
i also got sallly hansen insta dry in mint sprint and Jumpin' Jade
Rimmel sunset orange
sally hansen extreme wear in pacific blue, and mellow yellow.  the blue looks like a periwinkle and i was so excited to get it, i have nothing like that one.
i also got sally hansen lavender cloud, and frutti petutie
and i found BORGHESE <3 in stellare notte, at walgreens. i was thrilled! i havent seen that polish anywhere else around here. sierra said it looked like an oil spill. so i cant wait to swatch these later :]

i used this as my st. pattys day mani, its a nice deep forest green shimmer, one coat and it was perfect. it dried really fast too.  and when i was at sierras i tried to do a ruffian mani. and it didnt end up looking too great so i didnt post that picture. 

i hope everyone had an amazing st. pattys day! and goooddnight all! ;D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


blah, im in a weird mood todayy. and i forgot to blog yesterday so ill go ahead and post now! :D
all day yesterday i was a little bit busy.  i gave roxy a bath and did her hair and put on her dress and bow and everything, she was adorable. and then i took her and my other dog sadie on a walk, and i walked them around for about two hours at least haha. it was pretty fun, and it wasnt too hot or too cold. so it felt great outside, but just alittle humid.  

and when my brother came home from school we went to walmart and he paid me to buy him Jennifers Body Unrated haha. and hes 13, of course he'd want to see megan fox naked.  even though shes not in the movie. anyways, while i was there i made him come with me too look at nailpolish! and i got a green polish for st. pattys :D and ill post that up tomorrow, woot!


this first photo i took in the sunlight on my break from work, and it looks more like a plum/black kind of what olives look like i think. 

and this second picture is with the flash right after i painted, it was a little messy.  its a strange color, but i like dark vampy purples! they're really pretty on me. i think so at least.   

soo have a good afternooon! ill post again soon i think :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010


blah so real quick post before work, ive been really really bored all morning/afternoon and decided to do a post before work, and ill probably end up doing one after work. haha.
i actually was planning on going over a few giveaways i needed to blog about, but i forgot which ones i was going to do.  i need to make a box on the side to have all the giveaways that i know of in.  that would be greatly useful for myself and also you!   

well last night after work i had a major major migrane, so i went to another walmart which is close by my house and picked up some stuff and i found the Nicole - Hint of Mint that ive been seeing and looking for! so i of course grabbed that, and it was the last one too!.  haha and i'm wearing it right now, ill post that up soon.  

also, does anyone else like, LOVE the harry potter movies?! i watch like a different one each night when i get home from work, and i know like all the lines of the second movie, the chamber of secrets haha.  im such a goober. 

Back to nails! this is a really really messy mani i did for my best friend sierra, before she got on her flight to texas!  and i used a few different colors and shimmers, she thought it was really cool ahha so i was glad to please her ;D  

and i thought i'd post a picture of my baby! this is roxy, shes two and a half, and i absolutely adore her, more than anything imaginable. she sleeps with me and is the most amazing dog ive ever had.  shes a toy poodle, and she doesnt look like that right now, i plan on washing her tomorrow and going on a walk with her since its my day off this week.  oh! i bought her some expensive dog treats/cookies the other day, and they are adorable! they are like princess crowns and fire hydrants with pink and green icing on some. haha they're so precious.  okay this wasnt really a quick post but its whatever. 


Saturday, March 13, 2010


hellooo once again, im gonna do a little update.  ive kind of had a weird day today, i work at walmart about thirty minutes away from my house and i hate getting flirted with by freaky old men, and gross boys (no offense). haha and today i got asked out by one of my friends D: and i hate that! cause then it gets all awkward when you talk. blah so ive been kinda weirded out by that.  gah it just gets so freaky at work, all types of people walk in and some are nice, some are flirtatious, some are meann! and its just an emotional rollercoaster.  they expect me to know where mouse traps are, and i work over where advil and shampoo are at.  and i'm like, your guess is about as good as mine.lmao   okay enough of my ranting   oh, if anyone has a headache, take excedrin! it works in like ten minutes <3

this isnt green at all, its a opaque cream teal, i loved this color on me.  this was three thick coats and no topcoat, i'm sitll looking for a good top coat to use. 

this is the same polish a few days later, i added some dots, and leopard on a few fingers with Charlotte Russe nail art pen.  and on the first finger i used one sheer coat of the mini opi in that color i dont know the name of. on the ring finger i did a little water marbling with a few colors sierra had at her house. and thats it.  i love that nail pen though, its thick like nail polish, and not at all like the terrible sally hansen nail art pen i have. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey everyone! i have a simple quick post for everyone tonight!
i have here a mani and i used some small sheer mini bottle of O.P.I i got from sierras house, she said she gets them in packs, and the name of the polish is on the pack.  sorry i dont know the name! but i loveddd this color. its in daylight so it shines really well, and really captures the color.  its a light beige shimmer, with silver microglitters. i loved it.

the picture on the right is some things i got after work!  and im thinking about saving some of those things for a giveaway in the near future :D  maybe after like 50 + followers.  and everything i got was a dollar! yes, a dollar. well thats it for tonight!


heyyy everyone! i'm in such a good mood today. i have no idea why. maybe its this awesome piano music im listening to. haha so i'm THRILLEDDD to say that ive won not only one, but the two contests LAMBCHOP MOBILE had. i'm veryy excited to win my first ever contest :D haha so go check her blog out! shes great :D

i have this NOTD for youu.
its Nicole by O.P.I - Stolen Kisses and yes, what an adorable name for this! this went on a little bit sherr, but i used three coats and my seche vite base coat. its a gorgeous magenta shimmer its not so hot pink like the picture shows it, but i love dark pinks so i love it :D

i didnt use a top coat because the one i have is by Nicole as well and its really weird. it goes on thick and it smears, and it takes FOREVER to dry so i never use it except on my toes, and when i use it on my toes it always flakes off at the cuticles its really weird.

so what is everyones favorite topcoat?! i need suggestions for a new topcoat, so tell me what works well for you! or what doesn't work well at all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


oh i also forgot to add that NAIL JUNKIE is having her first ever giveaway!
and the wholeee lot of goodies shes got for the winner is spectacular!
i'm so excited for this giveaway.
heres the loot!

shes got everything from ciate paint pots, to opi, to china glaze, lip gloss, stickers and more!
its such a great giveaway i'm so excited for! so check her out!

Haken Nail Polishes

HEYY soo i havent been painting my nails lately, but i do have lots of pictures to share this week! my nails have always been such a wreck. i dont know how to take care of them so i've been using some cutical oils and lotions to get my hands soft. also my nails are really really weak and keep peeling, if thats the correct term. so i bought some nail strengthener by revlon. ill see how that works out on my nails. so im excited to be doing that. also i stayedd up all night last night! i had to take my best friend to the airport at 3am :] i was so excited for her hehe, shes getting me nailpolish in texas ( which is where she went to see her boyfriend!). also i've been having alottt of family drama lately, so hopefully i'll be moved out within the next few weeks.

anyways here's the Haken nail polishes i recieved. and here are the swatches.

these arent in order like the picture above, but this is Haken - Deja vu #114
this is a very light sheer lavender shimmer, i loved this color on me it was great. a little bit streaky though but three thick coats worked. you cant see well on the picture but theres tiny gold micro glitters that shine magenta and silver in the bottle.
this is Haken - Moon Blossom i loveeee this pink/magenta! gahh its such a pretty pink, since i'm not fond of pale shimmer pinks i have. this one is amazing, not as sheer as the first one but this was also three coats. it has micro glitters aswell, i love it.
Haken - Indigo Jones this one just bothers me, its pink or purple or blue all at the same time, and when you put it on its all streaky and gross you can still see the streaks on the thumb! it takes a long time to dry and it has blue shimmers... its a very very strange color to me. its a weird formula, it was really thick but then really sheer. anywas, i'm done complaining about this one.
Haken - Chain Lightning this one was the worst out of all of them with the streak problem. this one was thicker and dried a little faster which made it kind of hard to put on. i love this silver/white shimmer though, its such a neat color. i dont have anything like it. but the streaks were bothersome.
Haken - Class Act
this was an alright color, i'm not too fond of "grown up" colors. my mom loves these types of colors of course, but i dont. the formula was good and application good, it was streaky as well and dried reallyyy slow so dont mind the smudges on the tips. haha
Haken - Tiger Eyes
perfect name for this, it suits it. this color is like WOW. an orange/yellow shimmer is so beautiful, this one was less streaky but also slow at drying. and dont mind the smudge on my middle finger either :] i was kind of ina hurry.

thats it for today! and oh no i just found another one of the Haken polishes, great. ill do a swatch of that soon. I'm going to finish watching Lord Of The Rings :D and eat my crasins and play with my dog and do my nails! so have a good night everyone, ill post again tomorrow :D

Sunday, March 7, 2010


i think this is the last post of the night, i just did a full mani in this new green color i got today, ill post that sometime this week as well. ah i need to see an eye doctor asap, my vision just keeps getting worse and worse! but its alright.

so here are the marbling pictures of my mothers hand and mine.
on hers she already had the Haken - deja vu on, which is a pink/brown shimmer, its a hard color to describe, ill post the swatch of that up next i promise! i used just my rimmel white french tip pro and the same Haken - deja vu, she didnt want it to be too noticeable, she says marbling looks "ghetto". hha but i convinced her to let me try it once. so i think it looks pretty neat, and classy. the only thing i dont like about marbling is how messy it gets and how it goes all over the fingers. any tips on that?!

this is my marbling mani, honestly i tried a bunchhh of different colors before i ended up with this, i had to get used to the marbling technique, and it took alottt of polish and patience. i ended up spending most of my morning trying to get something i liked. i used purples and greens and everythingggg to get a good marble mani, but nothing worked. so i ended up with Sally Hansen H-D - Hi-Res and i love that hot pink shimmer <3,>

anywayss, i hope you all have had a good weekend, and a great night. TOMORROW IS MONDAY, sorry school kiddos! D:


welll hello once again everyone! i just wanted to do a few really quick posts since ive finally uploaded pictures from the past week. ive had a bad couple a days and been trying to get out of the house. i'm taking sierra (my best friend) to the airport tuesday morning around 5am! shes going to texas! and i'll miss her sooo much. anyways, she said she'll get me nailpolish there, and a keychain or something:] so yes im excited.

Nicole by o.p.i - Show You Care
this was my first vampy purple color, and its not really that purple in person, the flash just shows the purple off better. i like dark purples, i think they looknice. also this was a base coat and three coats of show you care. i had no problems with it so its a pretty good color to get.
Oh! and on the thumb i did marbling! for the first time!!! i love doing that. i saw a few tutorials off of youtube and was like, WHOA i need to try that! so i did, and i absolutely love it. i did the base of the thumb in white, and did the marbling in water with show you care and other purples and pinks i had, just to try it out. i have a few pictures coming up with some marbling i did on my moms hand and mine. so be excited!

OH! this is the Haken nailpolish i got, i just did the last few swatches a few minutes ago and ill post those sometime this week. my aunt sent me these along with the toe spacers which i used, but they dont really help me much, i rarely do my toes. but these polishes i have no idea where to purchase or anything, seeing as ive never heard of Haken before.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


welll ive done my nails three times today, they keep messing up or i dont like how it looks, so those pictures arent coming up haha oh well. so currently im doing some swatches of this brand my aunt gave me as a gift from her salon. its called Haken, ive never heard or seen this brand. but the six i have look interesting, and they all are shimmers. i'll have those swatches up in a few days.

well this is sally hansens insta dry in lightning, my only and favorite yellow creme, i havent seen a bright yellow like this in the stores i go to. haha i wouldnt of gotten this but bryan insisted. i always ask him to pick colors for me <3>

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


ellooo everyone :D gah at work last night, i was pulling this big metal cart and i like was pulling it too fast! so when i stopped, the cart came up and hit the back of my heel. which hurt like crazyyy. and i came home and it was all blue/purple! and swolleenn D: and then today i wore my birkinstocks since they dont have backs on them. and guess what, i slipped and fell. GREAT. yeah anywaysss.

in the bottle it looks like an amazingggg lavender shimmer color! which i fell in love with, but when i put it on i didnt realize how sheer the polish was, this in the picture was about four or five coats, i kept trying to get it to become darkerr but it didnt work. on the ring and thumb nail i put one coat of this great glitter i found which is sally hansen extreme wear in rockstar pink, its a really pretty glitter that i like. it has silver, blue, pink, and purple glitters. i wore this for my date the other night :] i enjoyed it <3>