Wednesday, March 31, 2010


heyyy everyone, sorry i havent been posting much recently. my best friend bryan is back in town for spring break so ive been busy seeing him everyday and working and such. today i woke up early and went to panera bread with him and we went to see bounty hunter at the movies.  SO GOOD. haha gerard butler is soo hot, i dont know why im attracted to men and scruffy beards :]
ALSO, with being busy, ive some how developed a cold or something. its just a runny/stuffy nose, and a sore throat. plus im nauseous.  ugh i never get sick, and i hate it when it does happen. 
tomorrow im busy again, waking up, shower, haircuts with bryan, lunch, work. basically. (there might be more im doing shoved in my day somewhere)

please excuse how messy this is.  i was very impatient on letting this dry, cause the color isnt my favorite.
its a sheer lavender cream, although it looks sort of pink.  it was so hard to get this to get even. it was streaky, plus the brush was terrible like all the other sally hansen brushes D: 
and see those two pictures right there, i dont know how that happens.  its either the quick dry i put on or the formula.  it just didnt adhere to the nail i suppose, or i had too thick of coats on.  and it just pulled off the nail, all of my nails did that. it pulled right off. pretty discusting i say.

anyways im off to watch movies, goodnight YALL xD


  1. That whole peeling thing? It happens to me all the time with whites. I think it has something to do with the massive amount of polish on the nail, paired with the formula of the polish, paired with a quick drying topcoat that only ever has a chance to dry the top layer. Whatever it is, I agree: It's gross.

  2. well this was just terrible! thanks for the advice, i think i ust need to find a really great topcoat. thanks though!