Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so i was taggedd by HOW DOTH THE LITTLE CROCODILE  for a ten things that make me happy type thingggy.
and im so thrilled!
1. i loveee snow and winter! i'm from the south, south carolina exactly.  we get snow about one day a year, if were lucky. it snowed two days this year!  i love love love loveeee snow! D: haha, and my little dog roxy loves the snow too.
2. roxy! my fat toy poodle, shes amazing. i'd do anything for her, plus shes super adorable.
3. my best friends! bryan and sierra, ive known them for a longggg time. bryan and i are getting an apartment soon! i'm really excited about thatt.
4.  i make these really cool book things, i'm in the process of making one now, i usually make them for bryan. i basically just get an old hardback book rip out most of the pages, and glue pages together so there is room.  then i put magazine pieces in it. its basically like a scrapbook, but a book.  the ones ive been making have had a song as the theme, i dont know what im doing with this one quite yet, seeing as i havent even finished the cover.
5.  this might sound weird, but i love having dreams.  ive been taking sleeping medicine at night cause it takes me forever to clear my head and actually fall asleep. i heard sleeping medicine makes you have pretty crazy dreams, and thats right, my dreams have been OFF THE WALL lately. haha.  so vivid and interesting. its pretty insane.
6. i like walking on the beach, not swimming, not doing anything. just. walking. i know that might sound pretty weird, but yes i enjoy that.
7.  swimming! i love it. i would swim for hours and hours, everyday if i could haha.
8.  gah this list is getting harder to do. umm oh yes, movies! i  watch movies everyday, two or three. i have a habit of putting a movie in while im on the computer, or watching a movie on the computer.  strange huh? ;]
9.  clothess! what girl doesnt love clothes? if i had the money my closet would be hugee. i stopped buying clothes all the time though, i went bankrupt.  so i had to stop. completely. haha.
10. hmm i guess doing my nails.  this whole blog thing has got me into doing my nails again, buying loads of nailpolish, and looking at all kinds of things like the konad stuff, ive never heard of. its just so much to learn.

and i thought i'd do a little picture :] this is cheyenne, sierras sister, i love her!
this is


  1. Well I'm glad I found another nail fanatic.
    I'll be following your blog. :)