Tuesday, March 16, 2010


blah, im in a weird mood todayy. and i forgot to blog yesterday so ill go ahead and post now! :D
all day yesterday i was a little bit busy.  i gave roxy a bath and did her hair and put on her dress and bow and everything, she was adorable. and then i took her and my other dog sadie on a walk, and i walked them around for about two hours at least haha. it was pretty fun, and it wasnt too hot or too cold. so it felt great outside, but just alittle humid.  

and when my brother came home from school we went to walmart and he paid me to buy him Jennifers Body Unrated haha. and hes 13, of course he'd want to see megan fox naked.  even though shes not in the movie. anyways, while i was there i made him come with me too look at nailpolish! and i got a green polish for st. pattys :D and ill post that up tomorrow, woot!


this first photo i took in the sunlight on my break from work, and it looks more like a plum/black kind of what olives look like i think. 

and this second picture is with the flash right after i painted, it was a little messy.  its a strange color, but i like dark vampy purples! they're really pretty on me. i think so at least.   

soo have a good afternooon! ill post again soon i think :D


  1. Okay so when you said you were a new follower of my blog I checked out you profile and noticed that you like Charlaine Harris novels! I love the Sookie Stackhouse series and am so excited for the new one to come out!

  2. ah i love that series! i stopped reading after the first book though, just because i want to see the season three of true blood haha.