Saturday, March 27, 2010


heyyy!  so im just doing a little update because guess what!


yep, im in charleston, and its beautiful today. bryan and i came down to have dinner with some friends and stay a night. its been so much fun.  we went downtown and went to the markets, saw the ocean, and did a little shopping.  we went  into a few places but my favorite is URBAN OUTFITTERS. oh boy i love that place. and bryan got a shirt and got me something too.  NAILPOLISH, gah i love him. it was only a dollar. but still.

its a cuteeee blue grey cream color. ( i dont have any like that yet) i'll be sure to put that on when i get home!.  but right now im just trying to relax before i get ready to go to dinner. im pretty sure were going to bubba gumps. which is somewhere downtown, ive never been. after dinner im not sure what we'll do.  maybe we'll go see alice in wonderland at the imax theatre :]  has anyone seen that movie yet? iheard its pretty good.  and tomorrow i think ill suprise bryan and drive down to folly <3 i enjoy walking along the beach. its so calm.
 yeah i thought i should post a picture, just because.
this is roxy. before her hair cut she just got :]

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