Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Haken Nail Polishes

HEYY soo i havent been painting my nails lately, but i do have lots of pictures to share this week! my nails have always been such a wreck. i dont know how to take care of them so i've been using some cutical oils and lotions to get my hands soft. also my nails are really really weak and keep peeling, if thats the correct term. so i bought some nail strengthener by revlon. ill see how that works out on my nails. so im excited to be doing that. also i stayedd up all night last night! i had to take my best friend to the airport at 3am :] i was so excited for her hehe, shes getting me nailpolish in texas ( which is where she went to see her boyfriend!). also i've been having alottt of family drama lately, so hopefully i'll be moved out within the next few weeks.

anyways here's the Haken nail polishes i recieved. and here are the swatches.

these arent in order like the picture above, but this is Haken - Deja vu #114
this is a very light sheer lavender shimmer, i loved this color on me it was great. a little bit streaky though but three thick coats worked. you cant see well on the picture but theres tiny gold micro glitters that shine magenta and silver in the bottle.
this is Haken - Moon Blossom i loveeee this pink/magenta! gahh its such a pretty pink, since i'm not fond of pale shimmer pinks i have. this one is amazing, not as sheer as the first one but this was also three coats. it has micro glitters aswell, i love it.
Haken - Indigo Jones this one just bothers me, its pink or purple or blue all at the same time, and when you put it on its all streaky and gross you can still see the streaks on the thumb! it takes a long time to dry and it has blue shimmers... its a very very strange color to me. its a weird formula, it was really thick but then really sheer. anywas, i'm done complaining about this one.
Haken - Chain Lightning this one was the worst out of all of them with the streak problem. this one was thicker and dried a little faster which made it kind of hard to put on. i love this silver/white shimmer though, its such a neat color. i dont have anything like it. but the streaks were bothersome.
Haken - Class Act
this was an alright color, i'm not too fond of "grown up" colors. my mom loves these types of colors of course, but i dont. the formula was good and application good, it was streaky as well and dried reallyyy slow so dont mind the smudges on the tips. haha
Haken - Tiger Eyes
perfect name for this, it suits it. this color is like WOW. an orange/yellow shimmer is so beautiful, this one was less streaky but also slow at drying. and dont mind the smudge on my middle finger either :] i was kind of ina hurry.

thats it for today! and oh no i just found another one of the Haken polishes, great. ill do a swatch of that soon. I'm going to finish watching Lord Of The Rings :D and eat my crasins and play with my dog and do my nails! so have a good night everyone, ill post again tomorrow :D


  1. Where oh where did you find Haken polish? I have one that I adore but the only place I can get them is at a gift shop in Central Oregon!
    (Not too coincidentally, is owned by the same company that mnaufactures the nail polish.)
    I want more!

  2. My aunt gave it to me, she used to own a nail salon, and she only sent these ones. i have nooo idea where to get them and i havent seen them around here and i'm from South Carolina. ive never heard of Haken before my aunt sent it so i'm suprised you know about them too!