Thursday, March 11, 2010


heyyy everyone! i'm in such a good mood today. i have no idea why. maybe its this awesome piano music im listening to. haha so i'm THRILLEDDD to say that ive won not only one, but the two contests LAMBCHOP MOBILE had. i'm veryy excited to win my first ever contest :D haha so go check her blog out! shes great :D

i have this NOTD for youu.
its Nicole by O.P.I - Stolen Kisses and yes, what an adorable name for this! this went on a little bit sherr, but i used three coats and my seche vite base coat. its a gorgeous magenta shimmer its not so hot pink like the picture shows it, but i love dark pinks so i love it :D

i didnt use a top coat because the one i have is by Nicole as well and its really weird. it goes on thick and it smears, and it takes FOREVER to dry so i never use it except on my toes, and when i use it on my toes it always flakes off at the cuticles its really weird.

so what is everyones favorite topcoat?! i need suggestions for a new topcoat, so tell me what works well for you! or what doesn't work well at all.

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