Sunday, March 7, 2010


i think this is the last post of the night, i just did a full mani in this new green color i got today, ill post that sometime this week as well. ah i need to see an eye doctor asap, my vision just keeps getting worse and worse! but its alright.

so here are the marbling pictures of my mothers hand and mine.
on hers she already had the Haken - deja vu on, which is a pink/brown shimmer, its a hard color to describe, ill post the swatch of that up next i promise! i used just my rimmel white french tip pro and the same Haken - deja vu, she didnt want it to be too noticeable, she says marbling looks "ghetto". hha but i convinced her to let me try it once. so i think it looks pretty neat, and classy. the only thing i dont like about marbling is how messy it gets and how it goes all over the fingers. any tips on that?!

this is my marbling mani, honestly i tried a bunchhh of different colors before i ended up with this, i had to get used to the marbling technique, and it took alottt of polish and patience. i ended up spending most of my morning trying to get something i liked. i used purples and greens and everythingggg to get a good marble mani, but nothing worked. so i ended up with Sally Hansen H-D - Hi-Res and i love that hot pink shimmer <3,>

anywayss, i hope you all have had a good weekend, and a great night. TOMORROW IS MONDAY, sorry school kiddos! D:

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