Sunday, March 7, 2010


welll hello once again everyone! i just wanted to do a few really quick posts since ive finally uploaded pictures from the past week. ive had a bad couple a days and been trying to get out of the house. i'm taking sierra (my best friend) to the airport tuesday morning around 5am! shes going to texas! and i'll miss her sooo much. anyways, she said she'll get me nailpolish there, and a keychain or something:] so yes im excited.

Nicole by o.p.i - Show You Care
this was my first vampy purple color, and its not really that purple in person, the flash just shows the purple off better. i like dark purples, i think they looknice. also this was a base coat and three coats of show you care. i had no problems with it so its a pretty good color to get.
Oh! and on the thumb i did marbling! for the first time!!! i love doing that. i saw a few tutorials off of youtube and was like, WHOA i need to try that! so i did, and i absolutely love it. i did the base of the thumb in white, and did the marbling in water with show you care and other purples and pinks i had, just to try it out. i have a few pictures coming up with some marbling i did on my moms hand and mine. so be excited!

OH! this is the Haken nailpolish i got, i just did the last few swatches a few minutes ago and ill post those sometime this week. my aunt sent me these along with the toe spacers which i used, but they dont really help me much, i rarely do my toes. but these polishes i have no idea where to purchase or anything, seeing as ive never heard of Haken before.

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