Sunday, March 21, 2010


whoa i havent posted in a few days! oh no! D:   everytime i get on to post, i end up forgetting about it and doing something else.  i was catching up on the secret life of the american teenager episodes! gah, i couldnt find episode twenty or twenty one, so i missed the whole part about why ricky left and adrian having sex with ben.  haha that show is so addicting.  a friend of mine told me about a show on the BBC channel, called skins? has anyone ever heard of that? i ahvent, and it looks like a cheaper version of any other teen show. 

anywaysss. this is my last week before my short three day vacation off of work :D haha
bryan is coming back and were going to go to charleston for the weekend, and if its warm enough were gonna go swimming :D i'm so excited. if youre wondering why charleston, its because i used to go to school down there and i have a few friends i partied with.  so i'm going to meet up with them saturday night.  im really excited, i'm trying to think of fun things to do incaseee our charleston trip gets canceled. okay lets talk  nails! :D

i loveddd t his color in the bottle, it ended up being really really sheer, which was a disaster.  this was at least five coats. and the last one i made it thick. this picture was taken in my room with the flash.
and the picture below was taken on my break from work in natural light.  its not really that blue, but i dont know why it looks blue. ugh it looks so messyy in that picture. oh well, i need a better clean up routine. strange o.O

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