Saturday, March 13, 2010


hellooo once again, im gonna do a little update.  ive kind of had a weird day today, i work at walmart about thirty minutes away from my house and i hate getting flirted with by freaky old men, and gross boys (no offense). haha and today i got asked out by one of my friends D: and i hate that! cause then it gets all awkward when you talk. blah so ive been kinda weirded out by that.  gah it just gets so freaky at work, all types of people walk in and some are nice, some are flirtatious, some are meann! and its just an emotional rollercoaster.  they expect me to know where mouse traps are, and i work over where advil and shampoo are at.  and i'm like, your guess is about as good as mine.lmao   okay enough of my ranting   oh, if anyone has a headache, take excedrin! it works in like ten minutes <3

this isnt green at all, its a opaque cream teal, i loved this color on me.  this was three thick coats and no topcoat, i'm sitll looking for a good top coat to use. 

this is the same polish a few days later, i added some dots, and leopard on a few fingers with Charlotte Russe nail art pen.  and on the first finger i used one sheer coat of the mini opi in that color i dont know the name of. on the ring finger i did a little water marbling with a few colors sierra had at her house. and thats it.  i love that nail pen though, its thick like nail polish, and not at all like the terrible sally hansen nail art pen i have. 

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