Sunday, March 14, 2010


blah so real quick post before work, ive been really really bored all morning/afternoon and decided to do a post before work, and ill probably end up doing one after work. haha.
i actually was planning on going over a few giveaways i needed to blog about, but i forgot which ones i was going to do.  i need to make a box on the side to have all the giveaways that i know of in.  that would be greatly useful for myself and also you!   

well last night after work i had a major major migrane, so i went to another walmart which is close by my house and picked up some stuff and i found the Nicole - Hint of Mint that ive been seeing and looking for! so i of course grabbed that, and it was the last one too!.  haha and i'm wearing it right now, ill post that up soon.  

also, does anyone else like, LOVE the harry potter movies?! i watch like a different one each night when i get home from work, and i know like all the lines of the second movie, the chamber of secrets haha.  im such a goober. 

Back to nails! this is a really really messy mani i did for my best friend sierra, before she got on her flight to texas!  and i used a few different colors and shimmers, she thought it was really cool ahha so i was glad to please her ;D  

and i thought i'd post a picture of my baby! this is roxy, shes two and a half, and i absolutely adore her, more than anything imaginable. she sleeps with me and is the most amazing dog ive ever had.  shes a toy poodle, and she doesnt look like that right now, i plan on washing her tomorrow and going on a walk with her since its my day off this week.  oh! i bought her some expensive dog treats/cookies the other day, and they are adorable! they are like princess crowns and fire hydrants with pink and green icing on some. haha they're so precious.  okay this wasnt really a quick post but its whatever. 


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