Saturday, March 6, 2010


welll ive done my nails three times today, they keep messing up or i dont like how it looks, so those pictures arent coming up haha oh well. so currently im doing some swatches of this brand my aunt gave me as a gift from her salon. its called Haken, ive never heard or seen this brand. but the six i have look interesting, and they all are shimmers. i'll have those swatches up in a few days.

well this is sally hansens insta dry in lightning, my only and favorite yellow creme, i havent seen a bright yellow like this in the stores i go to. haha i wouldnt of gotten this but bryan insisted. i always ask him to pick colors for me <3>


  1. I got to get this one for my daughter, she would love it for Easter! thanks for posting
    great blog :)

  2. i loveee it, its so fun to use! haha and thank you so much ! :D