Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey everyone! i had a greattt day today, i got to see sierra and stay at her house last night. and we went to walmart and got food, as usual. haha.  oh! today is the day i met my best friend! i met bryan on this day four years ago :D and we call it best friend anniversary day! <3 
i get to see him in eight days, im so excited! were going to go see alice in wonderland together. haha. 
this is a picture of us we took a month or two ago :] 

also today i got a good haul from walgreens and walmart! 
i got revlon cuticle remover, and revlon liquid quick dry. i havent tried these out yet but i will later.
i also got sallly hansen insta dry in mint sprint and Jumpin' Jade
Rimmel sunset orange
sally hansen extreme wear in pacific blue, and mellow yellow.  the blue looks like a periwinkle and i was so excited to get it, i have nothing like that one.
i also got sally hansen lavender cloud, and frutti petutie
and i found BORGHESE <3 in stellare notte, at walgreens. i was thrilled! i havent seen that polish anywhere else around here. sierra said it looked like an oil spill. so i cant wait to swatch these later :]

i used this as my st. pattys day mani, its a nice deep forest green shimmer, one coat and it was perfect. it dried really fast too.  and when i was at sierras i tried to do a ruffian mani. and it didnt end up looking too great so i didnt post that picture. 

i hope everyone had an amazing st. pattys day! and goooddnight all! ;D

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