Wednesday, April 28, 2010


elloo once again! okay here is the pouchee & more giveaway  i won from Nessa at contests and such. and here is her blog!

i was so excited when i got the package i almost forgot to get my camera!!

this is what i won, 
♥ Love my Nails: Crazy for You (red hearts), Star Bright (pink and purple stars suspended in opalescent glitter), and Violets are Blue (purple and teal hearts suspended in teal glitter)
♥ Nic's Sticks: Are we there yet?
♥ Maybelline Colorama rush blush
♥ Sephora Cassis
♥ Sinful Colors: pinky glitter
♥ Claire's: Chunky Blue and Chunky Green
♥ Sally Girl: Wannabe
♥ SH Xtreme Wear: Rickstar Pink and Strobe Light
♥ Gosh Rainbow
♥ small gold earrings
color club pure energy
kleancolor: chunky silver, pinky moon, starry purple, and peaceful heart
and some cute blue flower earrings 
and hair detangler

ive already swatched a few of these and im so excited to be posting them soon! <3
have a good night/day everyone!!! 


hello!!! so first off i have a quick giveaway to mention.  Kate and Miranda are having a reallyyy cool bath bomb & stuff giveaway, and here is the link http://katiegene.blogspot.com/2010/04/cupcakes-in-tub-yes-review-huge.html so go check them out! its an amazing giveaway and im really excited for it :]

so now that thats settled, i went to this not so well known school i saw offline, its like one of those schools you hear on the tv. and you never have really heard of it, yeah thats what i was looking at. its a great program though, and im sure im going to do it. its a medical assistant program for eight months. its about 12 grand for
the whole thing, which isnt that bad i dont think. ill have a great legit job around this time next year. it pays for
certification to do all sorts of things, and there are no basic classes involved. so when i get the job i can
always move up! so im really excited for this. :] im really not into the medical thing, but its what i should do
for the time being, until i get enough money to get out of debt and such.

my boyfriend and i are goin on a diet! no carbs for a month. hopefully this will work, i just spent thirty dollars on just salad, fruit, and yougurt and slimfast. haha so hopefully that will be alright for a month. we have to get
in shape for our cruise in june! :D


this was pretty opaque in one coat, but i did two just because i thought it needed it.  i loveeee frost polishes, they're so adorable! and shiny oh my! 
the first picture is with a flash, and the second is with natrual light

im doing another post in a few minutes of the prize i got a few days ago :D

Monday, April 26, 2010



the perfect golden nail polish, it went on well, three coats and pretty smooth.  it didnt chip or anything for a few days.  the first picture is with a flash, and the second picture is with natural sunlight :D

i finallyyy went and found the post office downtown, where i had my free samples of the 3D Nail Art Molds waiting on me :D and i finally sent out my package to  Ayden! and http://mydollface.blogspot.com/"> here is her blog :D   i ran to walmart and picked up an acrylic nail art kit to use with the molds i got. and ill try all that out soon.  i also went to petsmart and picked up chinchilla food... hmm i also went to the store with my mom and she was nice enough to buy me khaki work jeans, black shorts, and really dark denim shorts! i was so excited :D  ill definitely be wearing those on the cruise in a few weeks <3  

oh! does anyone know where to look for matching rings, ive been looking around etsy for some cute rings for my boyfriend and i.  he insists on getting rings for the two of us, and what he's interested in is something that looks like wedding bands.  but i think thats not a good idea haha.  any ideas? :D

have a good dayy ladies!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


EWIE thats all i can say.  this is  DEL SOL - SUPERHERO
i think the only reason my del sol polishes look like this is because they're old. wayy old. they're gloopy and hard to put on, and in the sun the blue never changed to purple. but the bottle did. oh well! ill have to go get more when i go back to the beach this summer. 

anyways! i'd like to say thanks to all my readers / followers! im so excited about that, i just keep getting more and more followers! :D so thanks everyone!   i'm so excited to be doing a giveaway in the future, well i hope i will! i love giving presents and such hahah. 

so i called in sick at work today, i dont feel good. and my feet are sooooo sore.  last night i was pulling this heavy metal cart, and i had to stop but the cart didnt. and it just ran up on the back of my heel, which made it bleed. and i got blood all over my nice white tennis shoes! D: yeah so i hurt.  so im going to go out and run errands and such, maybe some shopping.  and hopefully send out my swap package today! 

i hope everyone had a great weekend! & have a great sunday! 

Friday, April 23, 2010


i got this awhile ago, its a nice green creme, and it was two coats, and on top i used sally hansen - celeb city
dried fairly fast! :D

sorry this is soo messy, its bubbly and smudged, its not good at all, i shouldve taken it while it was still wet, and before work. otherwise its amazing! i lvoe this green, its my favorite so far :D

this was three coats, and i used natural light, it looks sort of blue, which is really strange. im not too sure why it turned out like this. oh well! its an  amazing sheer pink, very shiny, that has a gold shimmer. its beautiful. it would be great layered over white or black! :D

sorry about the short post again D:  its so upsetting. ive been really really busy with work, running errands, and finishing up a swap im doing. i work basically all weekend. D: its crazy. im excited though :D

have a nice weekend! :D

Thursday, April 22, 2010


omg this looks like molten hot metal in the bottle its so cool looking, its amazing. the only thing is when i had just the molten metal on and no top coat, it smears. i could just rub it off and my nail would be clean, weird eh? BUT I LOVE IT! its soooo amazing. haha

anyways sorry for not posting sooner, ive been enoying my few days off work and running errands and such. i went to the lake a few days ago, and now i can tell my shoulders are burnt. oh well! i went to the doctor, and went to pick up things for a swap im doing :]  oh! and if anyone has any idea whats not in the UK and is in the US let me know! cause i have no idea.  either candy or any makeup/nail products. anything. 

Monday, April 19, 2010


heyyy! so since i'm not in school this semester, i get to sleep in every single day. its prettyyy nice. and i love it.
i woke up thinking i was goin to go shopping for new khaki pants.  since the ones i have ripped at work right at the seam in the crotch part. haha. yeah but i couldnt find any. anyways i went to the sally store because i saw a huge sign that said BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!. and guess what i did, yep bought my first china glaze polishes.   haha im such a noob with polishes. well anyways i got the oone polish ive been looking for since i started this!  for audrey<3 i put that polish on in the car i was that excited.  so i got orly gumdrop, jamacin out, for audrey,  and tree hugger.
my mom was nice enough to get a cuticle cutter and that huge bottle of nail polish remover, also she got the clearance polish fortune teller, i saw that on another blog post and i knew i had to have that.  

along with the haul i thought i should add a mani i did awhile ago, i still have tonsss of pictures to post of swatches i did. 
a bright lime green shimmer, its pretty close to a holo if i did another coat, i love it though. such a cute color for spring. <3

anyways have a niceee day guys!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


HELLO! im super tired, and im going to work early (well early for me at least) and i need to sleep soon. so i'll do a quick post.

im not sure if anyone has heeard of this.  but its nail polish that changes in sunlight.  and i havent seen any posts with any del sol polishes yet.  but yes, i can only get these polishes at a del sol store in charleston, which is about two hours from where i live.  
its a white goopy creme, its streaky and gloopy, it definitely needs thinner, but i havent found any yet.

and this is reckless in direct sunlight.  its two coats, VNL is still visible but its quite alright.
so has anyone else heard of this brand?!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

hello! im sorry i havent really taken the time to blog in awhile. but i have newwwws! FANTASTIC NEWS
I'M GOING ON A CRUISE! with my best friend bryan and his entireee family! ive never been out of the country, so im super super super excited. i'm going in june and i'll be back for my birthday! yay.
also! my family from australia is coming back over to visit again! and when they come in july, were driving them to west virginia, then going to my moms hometown, in OHIO! i'm just so excited to be traveling alot!
haha, and plus i might possibly be going to texas with my other friend sierra, but thats not a definite yet.
the onliy problem with all this is.
i dont think my job will let me have all this time off! so ill probably be quitting and going to be in search of a new one soon! ;] 

bleh i dont feel too well. but  this was in the package from Heather at MightyLambChop!  i finally got around to uploading pictures haha, but this is SALLY HANSEN - RED CARPET i loved this color, its the first thing i quickly put on after i got the package, and i just painted my mothers toes with this earlier today

its the perfect red shimmer, it looked like rubies. its so pretty, i only needed two coats and no topcoat. plus i dont really use a topcoat since i cant find a good one. blah and please dont look at my nasty cuticles. theyre really peely at the top. no pain though, ive been moisturizing them ALOT today.
im exhausted! goodnight all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


blehh today is a gross day for me i suppose. ive just been in bed ALLLLL day, im too tired to do anything.
well last night i went to this guys house, that i just met on facebook that day. and we just chilled and watched pineapple express.  then bam  out of nowhere, we start kissing, and bleh.  i dont like doing things so fast like that! boys i meet are always like that though. except one, bryan<3 hehehe.

sunset orange was really really pretty, i needed a ridge filler though.  it was a nice shade of orange, and a jelly definitely.  tiger eyes was alright also, an orange shimmer with gold/green glitters.
and in the picture below, i added nicole - wink of twink, and a mixture of some things to make a grey for the dots.

Friday, April 9, 2010


hellooo, i'm watching my sisters keeper. i'm a little bit sunburnt and have tons of freckles.  im super sleepy so im going to do two pictures in one :]  ive been cleaning ever since i got home from work, ate some chinese food with my brother and organized my book making materials.  i bought some nice acrylic paints for only 2.50! for twelve colors, pretty good deal i'd say. i bought it for my book and other stuff to paint, and even my nails.  i painted a tree on my thumb earlier, its hard to paint with a tiny tiny paintbrush.  i also got some paintbrushes, two nailpolishes, and a ring.  oh! sierra got me a hello kitty ring that opens up and there is lipgloss inside! <3  haha i stayed at her place and i bought noodles and alfredo sauce and icecream, and cheyenne made us that yummy chicken alfredo! it was delish. :D

if anyone has seen this movie, tell me its amazing. i think its a great tearjerker. i'm not sure if i'd shave my head for someone though. my hair grows too slow and i love it long. 
this is bryans favorite so far, i keep trying to get him to love something.  so from now on i'm trying to do a better mani than this one.
 this is a grey/blue creme, it took three coats. i loveeee this color. its simple and i liked it, its more of something for the winter or fall i think, but its still nice.  i put just one of my white nail polish on top and the black dots are orly matte in nagellack. with some quick dry topcoat

i wore this for just one day, i think this blue is wayyy too bright for me, and its streaky.
its a teal blue aquamarine type thing, it looks more green than this in the shade and inside, its complicated to explain my feelings towards this one. its just bleh, probably something i'll never wear again actually. haha.
bleh im tired, so im off to bed now! have a great saturday! <3

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


holaaa, i foundsome random pictures that i never posted so here it issss. sorry its such a short post, ive been busy watching this new show i found out called Skins, its a british drama on bbc. its super addicting

this is some layering things i tried out over black and white.
the index finger is orly matte black with nicole by opi hint of mint
middle finger is orly matte black and on top is nicole by opi wink of twink
ring finger is del sol reckless with nicole hint of mint on top
pinky is del sol reckless with nicole by opi wink of twink
and thumb is the haken polish i have, i forgot the name and its silver. with nicole hint of mint

this is just a picture to show how badly stained my nails were, that polish i got is helping alottt in keeping the staining from getting worse, and to help my nails get stronger and grow more.  my nails are getting pretty nice :]


Monday, April 5, 2010


HOLA!  ive been trying to organize my nail polishes today since i dont have to work. and ive realized i have so many polishes that i havent swatched yet. or even worn.  so i'm starting back withold polishes and swatching those.  but i want to swatch all my new prizes from heather first! so i will on the next post.  i have about 30+ that i havent tried yet haha.  ill hopefully get to paint my mothers and grandmothers nails later :] 
thats goin to be fun. 


im not really a big fan of orange, seeing as i only have a handful of those.  but it was a nice shade of orange, and you can definitely see the color changes in the different lighting in this picture. on the thumb its really deep, and it gets lighter on the pinky, i suppose its the flash though.  

anywyas, i'm off to do swatches! 

Sunday, April 4, 2010


HELLO!  and happy easter everyone! i just wanted to let everyone know that i finally got my prizes i won from Heather @ Mighty LambChop!  i won the two of her contests she was doing awhile ago, and i finally got my goodies! what a great easter present. haha.  
i got two nail art stickers, two revlon lashes, two oregon chapsticks (that smell amazing), her cute card, and  a  CANCUN KEYCHAIN, i absolutely love keychains. haha. 
the L.A. Colors metallic copper loooks amazing, i havent had time to change my mani. but i'm wearing red carpet :] i put it on right after i opened the box. it looked dreamy.

from left to right its :

well thats it for today loves! ill be swatching all these polishes soon!