Friday, April 9, 2010


hellooo, i'm watching my sisters keeper. i'm a little bit sunburnt and have tons of freckles.  im super sleepy so im going to do two pictures in one :]  ive been cleaning ever since i got home from work, ate some chinese food with my brother and organized my book making materials.  i bought some nice acrylic paints for only 2.50! for twelve colors, pretty good deal i'd say. i bought it for my book and other stuff to paint, and even my nails.  i painted a tree on my thumb earlier, its hard to paint with a tiny tiny paintbrush.  i also got some paintbrushes, two nailpolishes, and a ring.  oh! sierra got me a hello kitty ring that opens up and there is lipgloss inside! <3  haha i stayed at her place and i bought noodles and alfredo sauce and icecream, and cheyenne made us that yummy chicken alfredo! it was delish. :D

if anyone has seen this movie, tell me its amazing. i think its a great tearjerker. i'm not sure if i'd shave my head for someone though. my hair grows too slow and i love it long. 
this is bryans favorite so far, i keep trying to get him to love something.  so from now on i'm trying to do a better mani than this one.
 this is a grey/blue creme, it took three coats. i loveeee this color. its simple and i liked it, its more of something for the winter or fall i think, but its still nice.  i put just one of my white nail polish on top and the black dots are orly matte in nagellack. with some quick dry topcoat

i wore this for just one day, i think this blue is wayyy too bright for me, and its streaky.
its a teal blue aquamarine type thing, it looks more green than this in the shade and inside, its complicated to explain my feelings towards this one. its just bleh, probably something i'll never wear again actually. haha.
bleh im tired, so im off to bed now! have a great saturday! <3

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