Monday, April 19, 2010


heyyy! so since i'm not in school this semester, i get to sleep in every single day. its prettyyy nice. and i love it.
i woke up thinking i was goin to go shopping for new khaki pants.  since the ones i have ripped at work right at the seam in the crotch part. haha. yeah but i couldnt find any. anyways i went to the sally store because i saw a huge sign that said BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!. and guess what i did, yep bought my first china glaze polishes.   haha im such a noob with polishes. well anyways i got the oone polish ive been looking for since i started this!  for audrey<3 i put that polish on in the car i was that excited.  so i got orly gumdrop, jamacin out, for audrey,  and tree hugger.
my mom was nice enough to get a cuticle cutter and that huge bottle of nail polish remover, also she got the clearance polish fortune teller, i saw that on another blog post and i knew i had to have that.  

along with the haul i thought i should add a mani i did awhile ago, i still have tonsss of pictures to post of swatches i did. 
a bright lime green shimmer, its pretty close to a holo if i did another coat, i love it though. such a cute color for spring. <3

anyways have a niceee day guys!

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  1. just got your comment girlie, that would be awesome if youre up for it! :) email me stussy_scout@hotmail.com and we can have a proper chat. loving your blog btw, so many pretty nail colours :) haha you should see the state of mine! xx