Thursday, April 15, 2010

hello! im sorry i havent really taken the time to blog in awhile. but i have newwwws! FANTASTIC NEWS
I'M GOING ON A CRUISE! with my best friend bryan and his entireee family! ive never been out of the country, so im super super super excited. i'm going in june and i'll be back for my birthday! yay.
also! my family from australia is coming back over to visit again! and when they come in july, were driving them to west virginia, then going to my moms hometown, in OHIO! i'm just so excited to be traveling alot!
haha, and plus i might possibly be going to texas with my other friend sierra, but thats not a definite yet.
the onliy problem with all this is.
i dont think my job will let me have all this time off! so ill probably be quitting and going to be in search of a new one soon! ;] 

bleh i dont feel too well. but  this was in the package from Heather at MightyLambChop!  i finally got around to uploading pictures haha, but this is SALLY HANSEN - RED CARPET i loved this color, its the first thing i quickly put on after i got the package, and i just painted my mothers toes with this earlier today

its the perfect red shimmer, it looked like rubies. its so pretty, i only needed two coats and no topcoat. plus i dont really use a topcoat since i cant find a good one. blah and please dont look at my nasty cuticles. theyre really peely at the top. no pain though, ive been moisturizing them ALOT today.
im exhausted! goodnight all!


  1. Pretty! Glad you like it. Have you tried Out The Door top coat? It dries really fast and has nice shine.