Monday, April 26, 2010



the perfect golden nail polish, it went on well, three coats and pretty smooth.  it didnt chip or anything for a few days.  the first picture is with a flash, and the second picture is with natural sunlight :D

i finallyyy went and found the post office downtown, where i had my free samples of the 3D Nail Art Molds waiting on me :D and i finally sent out my package to  Ayden! and http://mydollface.blogspot.com/"> here is her blog :D   i ran to walmart and picked up an acrylic nail art kit to use with the molds i got. and ill try all that out soon.  i also went to petsmart and picked up chinchilla food... hmm i also went to the store with my mom and she was nice enough to buy me khaki work jeans, black shorts, and really dark denim shorts! i was so excited :D  ill definitely be wearing those on the cruise in a few weeks <3  

oh! does anyone know where to look for matching rings, ive been looking around etsy for some cute rings for my boyfriend and i.  he insists on getting rings for the two of us, and what he's interested in is something that looks like wedding bands.  but i think thats not a good idea haha.  any ideas? :D

have a good dayy ladies!

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