Wednesday, April 28, 2010


hello!!! so first off i have a quick giveaway to mention.  Kate and Miranda are having a reallyyy cool bath bomb & stuff giveaway, and here is the link http://katiegene.blogspot.com/2010/04/cupcakes-in-tub-yes-review-huge.html so go check them out! its an amazing giveaway and im really excited for it :]

so now that thats settled, i went to this not so well known school i saw offline, its like one of those schools you hear on the tv. and you never have really heard of it, yeah thats what i was looking at. its a great program though, and im sure im going to do it. its a medical assistant program for eight months. its about 12 grand for
the whole thing, which isnt that bad i dont think. ill have a great legit job around this time next year. it pays for
certification to do all sorts of things, and there are no basic classes involved. so when i get the job i can
always move up! so im really excited for this. :] im really not into the medical thing, but its what i should do
for the time being, until i get enough money to get out of debt and such.

my boyfriend and i are goin on a diet! no carbs for a month. hopefully this will work, i just spent thirty dollars on just salad, fruit, and yougurt and slimfast. haha so hopefully that will be alright for a month. we have to get
in shape for our cruise in june! :D


this was pretty opaque in one coat, but i did two just because i thought it needed it.  i loveeee frost polishes, they're so adorable! and shiny oh my! 
the first picture is with a flash, and the second is with natrual light

im doing another post in a few minutes of the prize i got a few days ago :D

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  1. Cute nails as always missy :) You should see the state of mine right now, wouldnt impress you at all! Im just about to reply to your email :) xx