Thursday, April 22, 2010


omg this looks like molten hot metal in the bottle its so cool looking, its amazing. the only thing is when i had just the molten metal on and no top coat, it smears. i could just rub it off and my nail would be clean, weird eh? BUT I LOVE IT! its soooo amazing. haha

anyways sorry for not posting sooner, ive been enoying my few days off work and running errands and such. i went to the lake a few days ago, and now i can tell my shoulders are burnt. oh well! i went to the doctor, and went to pick up things for a swap im doing :]  oh! and if anyone has any idea whats not in the UK and is in the US let me know! cause i have no idea.  either candy or any makeup/nail products. anything. 


  1. Fierce!
    I have become a new follower.

  2. hey girlie :) im only just home now and its kinda late but il reply to your mail soon. just wanted to let you know Ive got all the stuff for your swap and its all packaged neatly and securely :) if you email me your address asap then my grandpa is gonna take it to the post office for me tomorow! dont worry if youre not ready to send mines yet though :P haha I was thinking today, do you still get twinkies in america? if you do then can you send me one? haha. thats all I could think of! Im so excited :) xx

    ps. awesome nails! :D

  3. awh yay i love new folloowers!
    and ayden thanks! i emailed you :D