Saturday, April 17, 2010


HELLO! im super tired, and im going to work early (well early for me at least) and i need to sleep soon. so i'll do a quick post.

im not sure if anyone has heeard of this.  but its nail polish that changes in sunlight.  and i havent seen any posts with any del sol polishes yet.  but yes, i can only get these polishes at a del sol store in charleston, which is about two hours from where i live.  
its a white goopy creme, its streaky and gloopy, it definitely needs thinner, but i havent found any yet.

and this is reckless in direct sunlight.  its two coats, VNL is still visible but its quite alright.
so has anyone else heard of this brand?!


  1. I LOVE this brand. I've had no issues with application and they change just like they're supposed to. I really like them. You can also purchase them online, but you don't get the buy 3 get one free deal.

  2. I just picked up some in Cancun. They are really snazzy. I profiled one a couple of weeks ago and I have another one up today.

  3. they were old polishes, thats why the application was so terrible D: