Sunday, April 25, 2010


EWIE thats all i can say.  this is  DEL SOL - SUPERHERO
i think the only reason my del sol polishes look like this is because they're old. wayy old. they're gloopy and hard to put on, and in the sun the blue never changed to purple. but the bottle did. oh well! ill have to go get more when i go back to the beach this summer. 

anyways! i'd like to say thanks to all my readers / followers! im so excited about that, i just keep getting more and more followers! :D so thanks everyone!   i'm so excited to be doing a giveaway in the future, well i hope i will! i love giving presents and such hahah. 

so i called in sick at work today, i dont feel good. and my feet are sooooo sore.  last night i was pulling this heavy metal cart, and i had to stop but the cart didnt. and it just ran up on the back of my heel, which made it bleed. and i got blood all over my nice white tennis shoes! D: yeah so i hurt.  so im going to go out and run errands and such, maybe some shopping.  and hopefully send out my swap package today! 

i hope everyone had a great weekend! & have a great sunday! 


  1. You could get some thinner for your old/thickened polishes. :)
    Hope your heel gets better soon,

  2. I would go with what Susie said and try some thinner. The lady at my local Del Sol store also suggested storing these on their heads to seal out the air. *whatever*
    I love these, they do change a lot and they go on great, so yep, these must be old.

  3. Ouch, that sounds sooore :( You can buy the alice polishes at www.asos.com! Im positive they do international shipping :) xx