Thursday, May 27, 2010


HIGHLIGHTS!  do you like? bryan put them in a few days ago ;o and i loveee it. now my hair is all blonde/brown/red. as usual LOL love itt though hehe. its so cute

so great news, my mom bought me a swimsuit! its amazing, i love it. its by lands end. if you happen to know that brand or something ;o. its really nice. and i got like, a skirt bottom? i never had one before.and it looked good with the top. so its different. now i have three swimsuits for the cruise!!! :D yayyy.
oh! and i finally got my victorias secret tops in, one was the wrong color and too small. and i looked at the online return policy, and its 5$ to change your mind. and the top was around 7. so its pointless to return it. so im keeping it.  for now i suppose.  the other top is so cute! but really really low cut, and all everyone says is WHOA HUGE BOOBS. :O  its, interesting. 

anywayss! heres my milani holos ive  been tryiing out :D  LOVE THEM <3

Thursday, May 20, 2010


OHHAI! sorry i havent been posting recently! i've been superrr busy.  im out every day shopping for the cruise and looking for swimsuits, luckily i bought two new victorias secret tops to go with some new shorts i have :D im excited for those to come in, and im still waiting on my cupcake bath bombs to come in also!  i still have loads of shopping to do though ):  i need swimsuits, i only have one i feel comfortable in, but two i'll wear out. bleh, im so self concious D:  i got my old prom dressed dry cleaned so i can pack the cocktail dress one up in my bag, ive already started to pack haha, im so self sufficient.  im just swamped with so many things i need to get done.  

so my mom works at a hospital, and she found a diet plan that actually works (so people say)  and its called the three day diet, you eat what it tells you to for three days, then eat regularly for four days, and you continue on until you think you're done loosing weight.  it says you can loose up to ten pounds in three days, or the whole week.  bascially you can loose up to forty pounds a month.  haha im on my second day bleh. so ive been trying it out! why not right? :]  basically this is how a day of meals are 
Breakfast -  one piece of toast, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and black coffee, or tea.
Lunch- One piece of toast, 1/2 cup of tuna, and black coffee or tea.
Dinner - two slices of lunch meat, 1/2 cup of carrots, 1/2 cup of string beans, and 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream
and you're allowed as much water as you want, and diet sodas. 
i'm starving. haha.  anyways  heres my littlehaulg

i got the shrek forever after minis! :D all except funky dunky ): oh well. i havent had a chance to try out all of them yet!  i also picked up some new sunglasses for the cruise, and one of the new sally hansens called pomegrante.  and a free undie from victorias secret! 

oh and yes, this is rumples wiggin. it was pretty amazing <3 im so upset these little bottles arent super huge like the regular opi's.  haha i knew that though. i didnt have enough cash on me to buy the large sized ones!  i found them at this little store in the mall called trade secret. it has all kinds of hair supplies. redken stuff, and chi's and a salon inside as well. :D

Sunday, May 16, 2010


helloo followers! sorry i havent been posting loads lately, ive been super busy with work and friends and things. but ill tell you about the past few days! :D  i went out with my little brother to the grocery store so i could help him fill out a job application :D he's growing up so fast, then i ran over to cvs and picked up one of the milani holos! i got hi-tech ill post a swatch of that later! but yeah i only got one, i was in a hurry.  ill try to get all of them eventually !  today i took my brother to my bestfriends  grandmothers lake house, so we went swimming with everyoneee basically.  i put on spf 30 sunscreen, unfortuantely im super burnt.  ive never been this burnt on my face, im soooo red. bleh ):  oh! and i just ordered some bath cupcake bombs :D i'm super excited to get them sometime next week i suppose. anyways heres the nails!

this is so far my favorite glitter, i think its just because its not too colorful, its just pink ish. :Dwhich i love.

i might have swatched this before, but im not sure.  this one is alright :/ not my favorite, but i do love glitters. they're just really really messy ;o

mmmmm silver love, all up in this bottle.  i'm wearing this for the very formal dinner on the cruise :D

i'm about to sleep, i'm superexhausted  last night i was up till four with bryan.  we went to the hookah bar downtown and smoked and got all tingly feeling as usual then we went to waffle house and had some amazinggg breakfast <3  so im so tired. NIGHT EVERYONE :D

Saturday, May 15, 2010


elloooo,  i noticed today was no blogger makeup day? ;o so ill post a picture of me with no makeup! AH  THE HORROR. :D haha, i usually always have makeup on.  mascara at least. but on occasion, like this, i have no makeup! :o

China Glaze - For Audrey
i know everyone probably has this by now, but i finally got it, and got to wear it.  and gahhh i cant get over it, this is my favorite color, polish, everything! :D  its flawless

and this is after work ;o as youcantell my iindex finger is destroyed! ;o  ohwell :D  the polish is amazing, and more color accurate in this one  :D

well i'm off to runn my little brother to publix to fill out a job application, teach him to drive a little bit, dollar store, sallys, then going to purchase moreee cruise stuff with bryan.   i need a new swimsuit, anyone know a good place to get long tankinis?  besides victorias secret haha.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


ohahiii! :D  im just goin to do a short post.  but i saw nightmare on elm street with bryan today! it was good, not as good as i thought it would be, but still. pretty darn good.  i wouldnt go see it again though :o 

bleh my nails are in such bad shape, i dont know what to do with myself.  they're peeling, and very very soft they bend back and they all started cracking so i cut them really short AGAIN D:  

but this is Ocean Breeze by Loreal again, but with Love Your Nails - Violets blue.  a jelly glitter with purple and blue glitter, and hearts :D  then i put a matte topcoat on, bleh i did a bad job.

i went out job looking with bryan earlier and got these!  i found the la colors nail strengthenerr!hopefully that will help solve my weak nails problem.. and while at rite aid i found this brand! ive never everrrr seenbefore ;o  Jesse's Girl  - Blue Moon, they had a few neat and interesting colors, but i only got one.  bryan used to work at rite aid and said its a rite aid only brand.  but ill do some research on that.  ill definitely be back for more!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


SOOOOOO ive been up allll night xD  im not falling asleep or anything, i just feel weak, and super exhausted.   im going to bed really soon! :D so i thought i'd just do this quick post with a new nail varnish i got recently :D

Sally Hansen HD - Lite  i used two coats of white polish, and one or two coats yellow, it was actually very opaque on the first coat of yellow.  thankk god i used the white! it definetly saved me time wise, since it dries alot faster than Lite.  

this picture is with flash, and the others are in daylight!

as you can tell, the polish got bubbly, and strange looking, then it all peeled off after work.  and theres nessie! the keychain i got from ayden! :D

and this here is my baby! its my car, i love it :D  although the radio needs fixing, it doesnt work. but its amazing in the summer, all convertables are :D

Monday, May 10, 2010


Well helloo!!! bleh i've had such a busy past few days, ive been promoted kind of at work,  im getting a pay raise, and i'm at 40 hours a week! (so far) hopefully they wont cut them.  its such an exhausting thing though. but i like paychecks :]]  i need to save for the cruise soon!!  today i took bryan to the zoo! it was so much fun, it was kind of chilly actually. and i was in shorts and a tank top, expecting insanely hot weather.  we saw the new kangaroos! the gorillas, got to pet the giraffes, and goats and things, gah i love the zoo <3  hehe, there were so many kids on field trips there.  at the zoo there is a part thats just gardens, with flowers and butterflies and things. that was cute, we had to take a trolly there which was fun :]  i enjoyed it.  we ate a montereys, bleh i really dont enjoy cheap mexican food anymore, it doesnt look good on the plate and isnt healthy at all. 
i got a haircut!!! and i love it, i got a few inches cut off and more layers and better bangs and such.

my little mini haul from a few days ago. :D  the walmart i work at finallyyy got the new sally hansens in, hidden treasure and lagoon were all i got, i might get the others later, since noone is buying them.! its weird, noone notices i guess that we have new ones.  i also got china glaze turned up turquoise, its not color accurate in the photo, it wouldnt show up at all! D: fail.

I wore the new Loreal - Ocean Breeze today, loveddd it.  i also got a Milani - Dude Blue which is onmy thumb, these arent really color accurate either, oh well! D: the ocean breeze is lighter in color and more of a ocean toned blue, and the Milani blue is darker and more neon, loveee it. :D  they have bed marks and smudges on them !D: bleh,and if you can see the dents in my nail up towards the cutical kind of, i used a cutical cutter, and it cut into my nail awhile ago, it looks quite terrible now 

and these are my new haircutpictures!! :D  my brother took them for me, how sweet.

bleh, i hate my hair color. its so strange, its brown, orange, blonde, grey everything!!!! my hair doesnt hold dye well.  i think my stylist is goin to give me highlights though sometime soon. ;D

i have to go sleep since i'm staying up till seven tonight, so i can have a normal sleeping schedule for my overnight work shift tomorrow. BYEEE :D

Friday, May 7, 2010


hellooo! im exhausted im goin to just post this so really fast.
this is just a few glitters i never used on their own, 
wet and wild white creme as a base coat and from thumb to pinky are:
covergirl - ruby dust, Nicole - love your life, Kleancolor- Starry purple, Peaceful Heart, and Chunky Silver

yeah ive been runnin around all day since 8am, then work this afternoon/evening.  tomorrow i work all day and sunday. monday is my day off and im taking bryan on a date! its a surprise  :D

Thursday, May 6, 2010


blehh hello, ive been having "one of those days" im just blahhh. i stayed at my best friends house last night, and today bryan came and woke me up! and it was so cute. we then left and went to eat lunch, and get our gym memberships, it turns out. the place we got the membership was a scam. he found out a bunchhh of stuff online. so were going back tomorrow to try to cancel and see if we can get ANY money back, ugh.  oh well. so now im just trying to put together some things im trying to sell on ebay or something.  if anyone is interested in an old camera, or a gameboy advanced email me please!!! i want to get rid of them :D

MY HAULLL!!! WOW i got so much last night

from left to right:  seshe base ridge filling basecoat, covergirl-fuschia girl, orly-cotton candy ( the last one of the collection i neeeded :D)  sally hansen insta dry - snappy sorbet, sally hansen HD - Lite, Revlon- Minted, CQ- tahitian green, CQ- creme blue, Loreal- High Tide, Loreal - Ocean Breeze, sally hansen HD - Blu

this is Barry M - Cyan Blue i think :x  ayden sentt me this lovelycreme blue!!! love it, its amazing. ill definately be taking this to wear on the cruise with me :D

haha, this is my little brother caleb he's fourteen now, and at least six foot tall! we went to see avatar in 3d, the fourth time seeing it for me, and the second for him.. i dont think ill ever get enough of this movie, ever :]]]
and i look like a hot mess hhaah 

well i need to get up in about nine hours, so goonight lovely readers ! have a great day <3

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


helloo! sorry i havent been posting much, ive been quite busy trying to shop for the cruise, and online shop for cruise clothes and such.  all ive purchased was a phone charger!  ive never been on a cruise, but if anyone knows what to wear on a cruise, let me know! :D  ive just been looking for dresses, and tops for my shorts. i have plenty of shorts to take i just dont know what to wear with it though ):  ive been looking for some cute flowy babydoll tops. i think those would be cute :D  haha, anyways heres some nails!

from the sweet collection, i have all of them so far, except the pink. i cant seem to find it at any of the cvs's or walgreens around here. oh well D:
i loveeee this color, its similar to China Glaze - For Audrey, but they're different as well.  i love those colors though, the nice pale teal/turquoise tiffany blue type colors.  everytime i go shopping i only get teals! so strange ):  oh well.  application was greatt, two coats. lovelovelovee the orly sweet collection :]]]]

haha i just found this picture of my boyfriend and i when we were fifteen. WOW. we look youngg. haha, i no longer wear bright blue eyeshadow, beaded neclaces, or hairbows.  & im no longer blonde! :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010


OMFG  i saw my package that ayden sent me from SCOTLAND!, which is super far from me and here is her blog little blog of horrors  this as i was leaving for work yesterday, and i was so excited to open it, but i saved it when i came home from work.  i openeed it rightt when i came home, and my brother watched too. hehe.

this was the Glasgow postcard ayden sent with her note on the back :D


everything came in this cute little box! i thought it was so adorable.  i got tons of candy! and ive had the wham things, and those are so gooddd its like pop rocks mixed with laffy taffy! its amazing.  i had the chompie, and it was sooo yummy i love that, and the crunchie too i got one of those sent to me from my aunt in australia, it its amazinggg. ah and im painging my nails with the barry m shocking pink polish, and its so nice. :D

weeeeee!   so if anyone is up for a swap, let me knoww! i'd love to :D hehehe.
have a good weekend everyone <3 i'm off to finish my nails 


HEYY! i'm going to do a really really quick post due to all the things i need to do today.

loveloveloveee this lavender easy application, opaque in two coats.  hah nothing wrong to say about it.  oh! i love the lipgloss, it smells like grapes <3

inside no flash

inside no flash, two coats starry purple by kleancolor

outisde no flash

both are taken with essie matte about you on top :D

well have a nice rest of the weekend everyonee!! i'll post again later tonight ! ;D