Saturday, May 1, 2010


OMFG  i saw my package that ayden sent me from SCOTLAND!, which is super far from me and here is her blog little blog of horrors  this as i was leaving for work yesterday, and i was so excited to open it, but i saved it when i came home from work.  i openeed it rightt when i came home, and my brother watched too. hehe.

this was the Glasgow postcard ayden sent with her note on the back :D


everything came in this cute little box! i thought it was so adorable.  i got tons of candy! and ive had the wham things, and those are so gooddd its like pop rocks mixed with laffy taffy! its amazing.  i had the chompie, and it was sooo yummy i love that, and the crunchie too i got one of those sent to me from my aunt in australia, it its amazinggg. ah and im painging my nails with the barry m shocking pink polish, and its so nice. :D

weeeeee!   so if anyone is up for a swap, let me knoww! i'd love to :D hehehe.
have a good weekend everyone <3 i'm off to finish my nails 


  1. I would blur out your address hunny ..or take the first pic down..too risky!

    Lovely package though, goodies galore :)

  2. Aww I'm so glad it finally arrived :) I hope you are pleased! :D hehe. Cant wait for mines ♥ xx