Thursday, May 27, 2010


HIGHLIGHTS!  do you like? bryan put them in a few days ago ;o and i loveee it. now my hair is all blonde/brown/red. as usual LOL love itt though hehe. its so cute

so great news, my mom bought me a swimsuit! its amazing, i love it. its by lands end. if you happen to know that brand or something ;o. its really nice. and i got like, a skirt bottom? i never had one before.and it looked good with the top. so its different. now i have three swimsuits for the cruise!!! :D yayyy.
oh! and i finally got my victorias secret tops in, one was the wrong color and too small. and i looked at the online return policy, and its 5$ to change your mind. and the top was around 7. so its pointless to return it. so im keeping it.  for now i suppose.  the other top is so cute! but really really low cut, and all everyone says is WHOA HUGE BOOBS. :O  its, interesting. 

anywayss! heres my milani holos ive  been tryiing out :D  LOVE THEM <3

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