Tuesday, May 11, 2010


SOOOOOO ive been up allll night xD  im not falling asleep or anything, i just feel weak, and super exhausted.   im going to bed really soon! :D so i thought i'd just do this quick post with a new nail varnish i got recently :D

Sally Hansen HD - Lite  i used two coats of white polish, and one or two coats yellow, it was actually very opaque on the first coat of yellow.  thankk god i used the white! it definetly saved me time wise, since it dries alot faster than Lite.  

this picture is with flash, and the others are in daylight!

as you can tell, the polish got bubbly, and strange looking, then it all peeled off after work.  and theres nessie! the keychain i got from ayden! :D

and this here is my baby! its my car, i love it :D  although the radio needs fixing, it doesnt work. but its amazing in the summer, all convertables are :D

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