Saturday, May 15, 2010


elloooo,  i noticed today was no blogger makeup day? ;o so ill post a picture of me with no makeup! AH  THE HORROR. :D haha, i usually always have makeup on.  mascara at least. but on occasion, like this, i have no makeup! :o

China Glaze - For Audrey
i know everyone probably has this by now, but i finally got it, and got to wear it.  and gahhh i cant get over it, this is my favorite color, polish, everything! :D  its flawless

and this is after work ;o as youcantell my iindex finger is destroyed! ;o  ohwell :D  the polish is amazing, and more color accurate in this one  :D

well i'm off to runn my little brother to publix to fill out a job application, teach him to drive a little bit, dollar store, sallys, then going to purchase moreee cruise stuff with bryan.   i need a new swimsuit, anyone know a good place to get long tankinis?  besides victorias secret haha.


  1. you look gorgeous even without make up! =)
    chg for audrey is a really nice color!