Wednesday, May 12, 2010


ohahiii! :D  im just goin to do a short post.  but i saw nightmare on elm street with bryan today! it was good, not as good as i thought it would be, but still. pretty darn good.  i wouldnt go see it again though :o 

bleh my nails are in such bad shape, i dont know what to do with myself.  they're peeling, and very very soft they bend back and they all started cracking so i cut them really short AGAIN D:  

but this is Ocean Breeze by Loreal again, but with Love Your Nails - Violets blue.  a jelly glitter with purple and blue glitter, and hearts :D  then i put a matte topcoat on, bleh i did a bad job.

i went out job looking with bryan earlier and got these!  i found the la colors nail strengthenerr!hopefully that will help solve my weak nails problem.. and while at rite aid i found this brand! ive never everrrr seenbefore ;o  Jesse's Girl  - Blue Moon, they had a few neat and interesting colors, but i only got one.  bryan used to work at rite aid and said its a rite aid only brand.  but ill do some research on that.  ill definitely be back for more!!!

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