Monday, May 10, 2010


Well helloo!!! bleh i've had such a busy past few days, ive been promoted kind of at work,  im getting a pay raise, and i'm at 40 hours a week! (so far) hopefully they wont cut them.  its such an exhausting thing though. but i like paychecks :]]  i need to save for the cruise soon!!  today i took bryan to the zoo! it was so much fun, it was kind of chilly actually. and i was in shorts and a tank top, expecting insanely hot weather.  we saw the new kangaroos! the gorillas, got to pet the giraffes, and goats and things, gah i love the zoo <3  hehe, there were so many kids on field trips there.  at the zoo there is a part thats just gardens, with flowers and butterflies and things. that was cute, we had to take a trolly there which was fun :]  i enjoyed it.  we ate a montereys, bleh i really dont enjoy cheap mexican food anymore, it doesnt look good on the plate and isnt healthy at all. 
i got a haircut!!! and i love it, i got a few inches cut off and more layers and better bangs and such.

my little mini haul from a few days ago. :D  the walmart i work at finallyyy got the new sally hansens in, hidden treasure and lagoon were all i got, i might get the others later, since noone is buying them.! its weird, noone notices i guess that we have new ones.  i also got china glaze turned up turquoise, its not color accurate in the photo, it wouldnt show up at all! D: fail.

I wore the new Loreal - Ocean Breeze today, loveddd it.  i also got a Milani - Dude Blue which is onmy thumb, these arent really color accurate either, oh well! D: the ocean breeze is lighter in color and more of a ocean toned blue, and the Milani blue is darker and more neon, loveee it. :D  they have bed marks and smudges on them !D: bleh,and if you can see the dents in my nail up towards the cutical kind of, i used a cutical cutter, and it cut into my nail awhile ago, it looks quite terrible now 

and these are my new haircutpictures!! :D  my brother took them for me, how sweet.

bleh, i hate my hair color. its so strange, its brown, orange, blonde, grey everything!!!! my hair doesnt hold dye well.  i think my stylist is goin to give me highlights though sometime soon. ;D

i have to go sleep since i'm staying up till seven tonight, so i can have a normal sleeping schedule for my overnight work shift tomorrow. BYEEE :D


  1. Aaw, such a pretty girlie :) Glad yous had an awesome time at the zoo! Sounds super cute. And well done on your promotion type thing! Thats awesome, good you dont need to look for a new job now eh? Hope nightshift aint too bad xx

  2. haha indeed! thanks, i just saw your post of your goodies! looks like you enjoyed the lake as well, SO CUTE! haha.