Thursday, May 6, 2010


blehh hello, ive been having "one of those days" im just blahhh. i stayed at my best friends house last night, and today bryan came and woke me up! and it was so cute. we then left and went to eat lunch, and get our gym memberships, it turns out. the place we got the membership was a scam. he found out a bunchhh of stuff online. so were going back tomorrow to try to cancel and see if we can get ANY money back, ugh.  oh well. so now im just trying to put together some things im trying to sell on ebay or something.  if anyone is interested in an old camera, or a gameboy advanced email me please!!! i want to get rid of them :D

MY HAULLL!!! WOW i got so much last night

from left to right:  seshe base ridge filling basecoat, covergirl-fuschia girl, orly-cotton candy ( the last one of the collection i neeeded :D)  sally hansen insta dry - snappy sorbet, sally hansen HD - Lite, Revlon- Minted, CQ- tahitian green, CQ- creme blue, Loreal- High Tide, Loreal - Ocean Breeze, sally hansen HD - Blu

this is Barry M - Cyan Blue i think :x  ayden sentt me this lovelycreme blue!!! love it, its amazing. ill definately be taking this to wear on the cruise with me :D

haha, this is my little brother caleb he's fourteen now, and at least six foot tall! we went to see avatar in 3d, the fourth time seeing it for me, and the second for him.. i dont think ill ever get enough of this movie, ever :]]]
and i look like a hot mess hhaah 

well i need to get up in about nine hours, so goonight lovely readers ! have a great day <3


  1. awesome haul

    SH Insta dry looks gorgeous

    Again hunny, do edit your post with your full postal address on it for your own security! xx

  2. ah i love that sorbet color as well!
    and thanks!! i keep forgetting to do that i will. :D

  3. The barry m looks awesome :) and thats a pretty damn good haul you got! BY THE WAY.... my parcel came :D aaaaahhh thank you so much danielle, its actually amazing! Ive been munching away on everything already, I think Im in love ♥ just in from work so Im gonna pig out and watch some tv :) il reply to your email soon! that sucks about the membership :( hope you guys get it sorted, hate scammers! makes me so angry. Have a great weekend with your boy :) thanks again so much for my amazing parcel! gonna post about it soon :D xxx