Tuesday, May 4, 2010


helloo! sorry i havent been posting much, ive been quite busy trying to shop for the cruise, and online shop for cruise clothes and such.  all ive purchased was a phone charger!  ive never been on a cruise, but if anyone knows what to wear on a cruise, let me know! :D  ive just been looking for dresses, and tops for my shorts. i have plenty of shorts to take i just dont know what to wear with it though ):  ive been looking for some cute flowy babydoll tops. i think those would be cute :D  haha, anyways heres some nails!

from the sweet collection, i have all of them so far, except the pink. i cant seem to find it at any of the cvs's or walgreens around here. oh well D:
i loveeee this color, its similar to China Glaze - For Audrey, but they're different as well.  i love those colors though, the nice pale teal/turquoise tiffany blue type colors.  everytime i go shopping i only get teals! so strange ):  oh well.  application was greatt, two coats. lovelovelovee the orly sweet collection :]]]]

haha i just found this picture of my boyfriend and i when we were fifteen. WOW. we look youngg. haha, i no longer wear bright blue eyeshadow, beaded neclaces, or hairbows.  & im no longer blonde! :D


  1. Cute colours! :) very summery. You and your boyfriend look so sweet, aaauw! haha ;) and you look so different blonde! Sorry I havent replied to your email yet, started my new placement today and I am in bed already (10pm) sooo tired! will reply soon though :) bet youre getting exctied for your cruise missy! x

  2. awh thanks!haha veryy excited for the cruise, im trying to think of ways to get more money!! so i can do more there. haha. and how is your new job?! :D