Thursday, May 20, 2010


OHHAI! sorry i havent been posting recently! i've been superrr busy.  im out every day shopping for the cruise and looking for swimsuits, luckily i bought two new victorias secret tops to go with some new shorts i have :D im excited for those to come in, and im still waiting on my cupcake bath bombs to come in also!  i still have loads of shopping to do though ):  i need swimsuits, i only have one i feel comfortable in, but two i'll wear out. bleh, im so self concious D:  i got my old prom dressed dry cleaned so i can pack the cocktail dress one up in my bag, ive already started to pack haha, im so self sufficient.  im just swamped with so many things i need to get done.  

so my mom works at a hospital, and she found a diet plan that actually works (so people say)  and its called the three day diet, you eat what it tells you to for three days, then eat regularly for four days, and you continue on until you think you're done loosing weight.  it says you can loose up to ten pounds in three days, or the whole week.  bascially you can loose up to forty pounds a month.  haha im on my second day bleh. so ive been trying it out! why not right? :]  basically this is how a day of meals are 
Breakfast -  one piece of toast, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and black coffee, or tea.
Lunch- One piece of toast, 1/2 cup of tuna, and black coffee or tea.
Dinner - two slices of lunch meat, 1/2 cup of carrots, 1/2 cup of string beans, and 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream
and you're allowed as much water as you want, and diet sodas. 
i'm starving. haha.  anyways  heres my littlehaulg

i got the shrek forever after minis! :D all except funky dunky ): oh well. i havent had a chance to try out all of them yet!  i also picked up some new sunglasses for the cruise, and one of the new sally hansens called pomegrante.  and a free undie from victorias secret! 

oh and yes, this is rumples wiggin. it was pretty amazing <3 im so upset these little bottles arent super huge like the regular opi's.  haha i knew that though. i didnt have enough cash on me to buy the large sized ones!  i found them at this little store in the mall called trade secret. it has all kinds of hair supplies. redken stuff, and chi's and a salon inside as well. :D


  1. ooo that sally hansen looks gorgeous :-)
    I feel you on the starving lol am on a pre-wedding size 0 diet, it stinks lol

    cute haul :)

  2. :O when are you getting married?! :D