Wednesday, June 30, 2010


wow! its been soo long since i posted, ive just been in vacation mode for a few weeeks haha.  sorry i havent been posting though! ive been busy, and lazy. :D  but anyways alott has happened in the past two weeks.  first of all, someone keeps stabbing our pool with a knife, and messing it up.  and then i missed a day of work because ive been depressed all weekend, i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome.  everyone tells me its nothing to worry about since im so young, and im not having kids. but, i want them. so hearing that has put me into shock.  and that one day of work i missed, was one more than i was supposed to miss so today i got a write up, and i get to decide if i want to work for another week, or quit.  and i make my decisiion on friday.  there is just insanely tooooo much going on right now. 

anywaysss! heres a few cruise pictures

this is St. Maarten

San Juan Puerto Rico & Hati

Thursday, June 10, 2010


SO A FEW DAYS AGO I WENT TO THIS PLACE CALLED GARDEN CITY, which is right outside myrtle beach :D  we went just for the day, got up early and took a three hour drive down to this place, got lost a bit but finally ended up here.  we went in the ocean, the pools, and the hottubs.  the wholeee day! :D i had so much fun, i absolutely love swimming.   swimming and snow are my two favorite things, EVER. 

anyways, this is a picture from the back parking garage i was on.

this is my little brother and i, going into Sharky's  we saw a sign that said live sharks and turtles. LOL so i made them stop.  oh! my outfit was so presh, 
cardigain = old navy
white top = victorias secret
purse = new york and company
shorts = american eagle outfitters
sandals = liz claiborne 

and this is the massiveee shark tank!

with only two baby sharks ):  
what a fail. i was expecting sharks you could purchase and stuffs. :)

so thats my trip for the one day i was there LOL  

im leaving tomorrow to go to Miami for my cruise on sunday!  its confusing right? haha.  bryan is picking me up and i'll be staying at his house for a few hours until 3AM  then were packing and leaving to drive from here ( Columbia) to fort lauderdale actually.  so we'll end upthere sometime saturday afternoon ish? i dont know how long it takes to get there.  yeshhh so thats the plan for that day, and then were staying the night there. and the next morning driving the next four hours to Miami, and boarding the ship! <3 im so excited you guys!  ill be sure to pick up nailpolish, and maybe some goodies for a giveaway sooN!

so ill be posting when i get home! have a good week you ggals! :D

Monday, June 7, 2010


OOTD <3 
i got this dress over at old navy on sale, necklace is an antique from my grandmother, cardigan by mossimo at target, sandals from express :D

 up above are two camis i got at old navy, milani neon, and china glaze five golden rings  i got some pantene hair mousee for the cruise, and some sunscreen and razors!  and there are my mini bath bombs from etsy! they're so good, go get them ! www.myotherprincess.etsy.com
mmm and her goatsmilk soap is so good too, they smell amazing. :D

awh im playing with my bunny! i must upload pictures soon, he's super super cute <3

Sunday, June 6, 2010


so im really really really really sorry for not posting lately! D: i keeep forgetting, or im either wayy to tired. so i thought i could do a really quick update.  this past week my grandmother has been in town, ive had a cold, and ive been working nonstop! & by the way, its so hot and humid lately ): i hate SC summers. they're terrible. 
anywayyss, we've been shopping, and packing my cruise suitcase, they've been ironing and folding my laundry and everything! theyre so sweet.  i got some new white sandals, that are basically knock off Jack Rogers ( google them if you dont know what they are :D ) and that was all this past week.  oh! i bought a bunny two days ago, hes a brown baby lion head bunny.  i named him Goliath, and hes all mine <3 awh ill post more of that tomorrow most likely ill try to remind myself!  and today i went to Garden City, which is about three hours drive away from where i live, we got up around five to get ready and everything. so im super tired.  Garden City is a little place around Myrtle Beach.  it wasnt really crowded, but the wind + the sand was TERRIBLE. i laid down for two minutes and then i had a layer of sand all over me. oh well i went back swimming haha.  

SORRY BUT IM OFF TO BED D; im falling asleep haha. silly me.  
goodnight everyonee! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


ive been busy, so so busy. and my nails look completely horrid.  they're peeling and flakey. but i noticed that has started since i switched base coats.  i used to use revlon calcium gel nail hardener, which works amazingly. so i started using that again.  but lately ive been using the seshe ridge filling base coat, and LA strenthining hardener.  those two dont really do much for me, so im going to stick to the revlon.  

wow, i love all the milani holos. <3 they dry fast, go on in two coats. and look so damn amazing!
enough said :]

wow, i want to wear this color again ! this picture is a few days old :x
how do you guys upload your pictures?  i just upload when i remember to, and put them on here, i try to put the newest pictures up first, but then i end up having some really old pictures left over. haha. 

ah i have to show you what ive gotten for the cruise before i go! ten more days <3