Wednesday, June 30, 2010


wow! its been soo long since i posted, ive just been in vacation mode for a few weeeks haha.  sorry i havent been posting though! ive been busy, and lazy. :D  but anyways alott has happened in the past two weeks.  first of all, someone keeps stabbing our pool with a knife, and messing it up.  and then i missed a day of work because ive been depressed all weekend, i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome.  everyone tells me its nothing to worry about since im so young, and im not having kids. but, i want them. so hearing that has put me into shock.  and that one day of work i missed, was one more than i was supposed to miss so today i got a write up, and i get to decide if i want to work for another week, or quit.  and i make my decisiion on friday.  there is just insanely tooooo much going on right now. 

anywaysss! heres a few cruise pictures

this is St. Maarten

San Juan Puerto Rico & Hati


  1. Aww dude, I am so very sorry to hear you have PCO :( I cant imagine how scared and confused you must have been. One of my close friends has it, and she has managed to stay strong and get through it and I have every faith you will too :) Looks like you had an amazing time on the cruise, you and your bf look so sweet together! I think its understandable that you stayed off work because how you were feeling. If you think theres too much going on right now and you need a break for a while, get your doctor to write you a sick line and explain this to them! Big hugs xxx

  2. awh thanks so much! ive been doing alright, its just really have been confused about it all. and the cruise was amazing! i quit my job actually and got a new one at this cute cafe type place, i havent started yet, it hasnt opened haha. so how have you been ?! :D