Sunday, June 6, 2010


so im really really really really sorry for not posting lately! D: i keeep forgetting, or im either wayy to tired. so i thought i could do a really quick update.  this past week my grandmother has been in town, ive had a cold, and ive been working nonstop! & by the way, its so hot and humid lately ): i hate SC summers. they're terrible. 
anywayyss, we've been shopping, and packing my cruise suitcase, they've been ironing and folding my laundry and everything! theyre so sweet.  i got some new white sandals, that are basically knock off Jack Rogers ( google them if you dont know what they are :D ) and that was all this past week.  oh! i bought a bunny two days ago, hes a brown baby lion head bunny.  i named him Goliath, and hes all mine <3 awh ill post more of that tomorrow most likely ill try to remind myself!  and today i went to Garden City, which is about three hours drive away from where i live, we got up around five to get ready and everything. so im super tired.  Garden City is a little place around Myrtle Beach.  it wasnt really crowded, but the wind + the sand was TERRIBLE. i laid down for two minutes and then i had a layer of sand all over me. oh well i went back swimming haha.  

SORRY BUT IM OFF TO BED D; im falling asleep haha. silly me.  
goodnight everyonee! 

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