Saturday, July 31, 2010


ello loves! bleh ive had such a boring day, and my stomach hasnt been feeling well either ): so i spent most of the day lounging around and taking an amazinggg bubble bath!  i used a new bath bubble ball cupcake shaped thing i got in Tennessee. and it made me all soft, but now i smell like soap, i dont know if thats good or not? 

well later tonight i'm going out to a foam party at a bar downtown, so i hope thats going to be fun, if i even decide to go :x  my stomach pains are so intense ): 

well heres the NOTD!  
i used loreal paris - high tide i believe.  or its ocean breeze :x i cant find the bottle. oh noes! 
i put on top of that Gosh - Rainbow, and then Essie matte top coat.  i thought it looked pretty interesting, :D

and heres my lounge around the house type outfit.  
cardigain - gap XL
tank - american eagle size L
shorts - mossimo size 16
t-shirt - panthers football tee size M
and my monkey slippers from my 15th birthday! <3

Friday, July 30, 2010


here's my baby goliath! and my mom decided to put a pink bow on him, and he looks so super adorable.  he now eats grapes, carrots, and rasisns. and thats all ive fed him besides lettuce and his regular foods. awh he's so adorable! 


hello all! sorry for the lack of posts again lately.  i went on vacation with my family from sydney, and my grandmother took us up to the mountains for the week.  and im so glad to be back :D
ive been so exhausted! im sick of sleeping in other beds, not mine haha.  and my nailsss have been in such a bad shape. so i'm in desperate need in painting them soon, hopefully tonight. :D

well, heres what i got when i went to charleston a week or so ago.  im so behind in posts. its ridiculous.  my aunt bought me fantasy, by britney spears.  and bryan lovesss this smell on me.  i also got some sandals and a top from urban outfitters. that i loveeee! those were such good buys.  

and i wore this simple outfit to go see my advisor for classes.  

cardigan - american eagle size L
tank - old navy size XL
seersucker shorts - american eagle size 16

Friday, July 23, 2010


ive just never taken makeup review pictures :x im sure ill get it down pat soon!. 
this is my lips before, nothing on them

and this is just with the revlon soft nude 

and in this one i put on a tinyyy bit of chapstick, then the lipstick. 

ive never had a nude color lipstick, and i think its perfect! it is a little thick and dried out my lips when i put it on, thats why i put some chapstick on underneath, then it went on smoothly and not so hard to put on.  nom im wearing this out to dinner tonight, even though its raining ):

tomorrow im going to tennesse for my third vacation trip this summer, Ive been busy haha.  my family and i are going to tennessee and staying at some sort of cabin near dolly wood i think? im not quite sure, i just know theres swimming and a hottub involved, oh! and loads of shopping <3



periwinkle top - express
green tank - american eagle
black skinny's - old navy ( i love these jeans! ;D)

for my FOTD i used my colossal mascara, revlon eyeliner, maybelline bronzer,  my new revlon lipstick!(ill do a post on that later) and my covergirl compact.

as you can tell, i dont use foundation.  i know -gasp- who doesnt use foundation right?  i see lots of blogs on makeup and FOTD'S and everyoneee pretty much uses lots of foundation and eyelid primers and such.  i just cant seem to find any type of foundation to not be cakey, or go on smoothly.  so i just stick to my compact to use around my eyes and whenever my face is looking a tad shiny.  OH! im going to be doing a post on that maybelline eyeshadow pack thing, since im  not very fond of it. and you'll see why. :D


Monday, July 19, 2010


sooo ive decided to post a few things that have caught my eye this past week, bleh i want them so badly! 




ahh shoes are to die for! i need to get a job so i can go shopping! i havent been major shopping for myself in awhile! D:  


ELLO LOVLIES! i apologize for not blogging the past few days/weeks or however.  i just got home yesterday from a week at my grandmothers lake house a few hours away.  my cousin and aunt from australia came to spend the month with us, so were going on vacation with them again this comming saturday. i'm excited :D

anyways! i knew i havent blogged about what all i got during the cruise.  i only took a picture of what i got myself, i got my mother tons of jewlery and shoes, and my brother and father some shirts.

well i got a Hati t-shirt, a coach makeup bag, which was on sale for 40 dollars! the whole coach store was like wayyy below normal prices.  i got cheapppp miss dior perfume, a shell ring, and a purple ring, a blue waterproof Too Late watch, which was pretty cute.  and i got St. Maarten and Labadee sand haha. i wouldve bought more things for myself if i knew thats all i got. :/ 

and the NOTD!  i used sally hansen xtreme wear in wet cement, i like it. i dont have just a plain old grey.  it dried really fast, and i got no sheet marks! since i do tend to paint my nails late at night :p

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hello all!  so ive been really reading into all types of fashion blogs, and everyone has such adorable styles out there! it makes me so jealous!  my wardrobe is just so simple, jeans, jean shorts, tank tops and a couple cardigains.  nothing super adorable./ No skirts or leggings.   ive been putting together a list of staple items i need in my closet!.  
1.  Fitted Black Blazer
2.  Knit skirts.
3.  Brown, black, and white boots.
4.  floral print dresses
5.  Long Jean Shirt

these are just a few things i definetly need.  i have TONS of clothes. ):  and to be honest, i dress the cutest during winter.  today i went to a thrift store and picked up an amazing black floral dress, annd a blue two button fitted blazer ( thats amazing!)   so hears the bad news :x.  the dress on the hanger looked hugeee!  i came home and put it on, it wont go over my chest ):  thats the downfall to a bigger chest.  its a size 9/10 bleh, but ill see what i can do with it.  and the blazer fits nicely, bryan said it looked kinda tight, but its just tight in the upper arm.  and i wanted it to be pretty open, so the jacket i love <3    
ive also noticed that theres a pretty serious controversy on the fat acceptance movement, some people are totally against accepting fat people in the world, and others totally accept it.  heres a few views on it i saw through tumblr.  

I guess I don’t know exactly what the “fat acceptance movement” is. Is it a group you (obviously) actively hate, or is it that you hate fat people who accept the fact that they’re fat? Do you hate the people who got fat because of overeating, as…
It makes no sense to me that anyone could hate a movement with the aim of promoting acceptance, but not a whole society where people so thin that it would be unhealthy and unrealistic for most people to attempt to be their size are not merely accepted but celebrated as the ideal. The person so originally said that they hate the fat acceptance movement I’d guess probably hates it because they think, why should a bunch of people who made themselves unhealthy be treated as well as everyone else? They made their beds, so why should they complain about having to lie in them? All this shows is the ignorant belief that thin = healthy, and fat people are all lazy face-stuffing pigs. No.
Fat people deserve the same rights as everyone else. Mostly why people hate on fatties is because of their deep-seated feelings of disgust towards them. You can’t give someone less rights just because you think ew, they’re icky. I’m sorry but it doesn’t work like that. We’re constantly bombarded with messages saying we should be unhappy with our bodies for a huge variety of reasons, so any groups going against the tide and telling people that they shouldn’t hate their bodies get my approval frankly.
I wrote TWO sentences. Without knowing me, following my blog, or even attempting to interact with me, you decided and broadcast that I’m an ignorant bigot who values aesthetics above true personal worth. Yeah, clearly, I’m the close-minded asshole in this conversation.
I don’t hate fat people or think they’re disgusting, icky, or lazy. I believe in size-acceptance, self-love and health at all sizes—the main values that the FA movement purports to promote. I don’t hate the Fat Acceptance movement because of what it stands for; I hate it for the way those values get practiced. I think their methods are hypocritical, dishonest, and irresponsible. I have a problem with the ethics within the movement.
Coincidentally, your reaction (read: your quickness to label anyone in even slight disagreement as a fatty-hating bigot) is actually one of the dishonest, irresponsible tactics I was just referring to.
to be honest, im fat, and saying that your fat or hearing it isnt a big deal to anyone anymore, there are some amazingly beautiful fat women and were all the same. acceptance is acceptance no matter what.  im not really sure why people wouldnt be for the movement.