Friday, July 30, 2010


hello all! sorry for the lack of posts again lately.  i went on vacation with my family from sydney, and my grandmother took us up to the mountains for the week.  and im so glad to be back :D
ive been so exhausted! im sick of sleeping in other beds, not mine haha.  and my nailsss have been in such a bad shape. so i'm in desperate need in painting them soon, hopefully tonight. :D

well, heres what i got when i went to charleston a week or so ago.  im so behind in posts. its ridiculous.  my aunt bought me fantasy, by britney spears.  and bryan lovesss this smell on me.  i also got some sandals and a top from urban outfitters. that i loveeee! those were such good buys.  

and i wore this simple outfit to go see my advisor for classes.  

cardigan - american eagle size L
tank - old navy size XL
seersucker shorts - american eagle size 16

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