Monday, August 30, 2010


hey all! man, im finally getting used to going back to school. and i pretty much loveee it :D  haha, except im not used to being with younger kids in my classes.  ive already written a full essay for my english class, and done loads of math homework, but unfortunately my math class is insanely easy ):  i was expecting it to be rigorous like all the other math classes i've taken.

well heres the sleek palette! i got in a swap from myy friend ayden! :D


& the colors are soooo shimmery and pigmented, i ADORE this palette <3
now all i need is to get my hands on a costal sense palette or urban decay ;o

and just a quick NOTD its O.P.I -  and i cannott find the nailpolishbottle, shoot.  ill figure it out then edit the page :D

well i hope you all had a great mondayyY!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


ive been SOOO BORED lately ):  
im continuously job hunting, and applying everywhere.  so ive been busy.
how have you all been!? id love to hear from my lovely followers! :D
you all mean the world to me! and im planing on doing a giveaway soon, ive collected a few things :]

anyways i went to the mall the other day with my mother, and we had a yummy lunch
toasted subs, i got teryiaki chicken and fries, it was exactly like subway, just with fries xD 

and this was my outfit i wore! i'm always wearing cardigans in this 100 degree weather, i'm crazy i know. but i LOVE my cardigans, and cold weather.  i'm literally counting down the days until it hits 70.  i loveee it when its cold.  it opens so many more clothing options for me.  leggings, skirts, jackets, coats, cardigans, tanks, tees, dresses.... EVERYTHING <3

cardi-  american eagle size L
tank - old navy size XL ( wayy too big)
jeans - old navy size 16
top - victorias secret size L

oh, this sign is in our neighborhood, and its hilarious. xD
it says BEWARE 12 cats dead,   apparently theres a cyote problem around here
ive never seen one, or even know what it looks like. so its weird.  all of those signs are about missing cats and things.  

well i hope you all had a good weekend!!
& for those of you starting school tomorrow, im sorry :D

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Haii everyone! i dont really have too much to talk about, ive just been registering for classes, and drawing (LOTS) i love to draw, im into drawing cute love pictures, and quotes.  ill probably end up taking some pictures of what ive been doing to show you all :]  i do a page or two a day, and its really cute. bryan enjoys it i think :]  
were going to my grandmothers lake house next weekend! and were both pretty excited to go on a quicck mini vacation before school starts.  

so heres a quickk NOTD real fast.

orly gumdrop is pretty close to a dupe to china glaze's for audrey, those two colors are my absolute favorite polishes <3 i love mint greens. definetly.


ill do a OOTD post tomorrow for sure!! :D 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


bleh, ive had such a bland day i guess. 
i went to the dentist early this morning, NO CAVITIES <3
ive only had a cavity once, except when i was around ten. 
so i basically had a pretty lazy day.
bryan came over before and after he had to go to work 
and i made pancakes for dinner when he was at work.
also i went to get bubble tea ( which is where he works) and got a DELICIOIUS passionfruit/cocconut with lycee bubbles tea. it was amazing  no lie.

lazy day outfit! 
gap cardigan - XL
panthers tee - M
tank - american eagle L
jeans - american eagle 18

and im lovinggg the ASOS clothes <3 
i'm definetly getting these whenever i get moneys!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today i have a little haul for you guys! and a NOTD! weeee! anyways, about my day!  i woke up a little late and got ready for my interview, and did something new with my makeup.  i saw a tutorial on youtube about how to make your eyelashes appear longer, so i took my eyeliner, and did my usual routine on my top lash line, and then with my bottom lash line, all you do is just make a straight line ( do nott follow the curve of your lash line)  i know this would probably make more sense with pictures. haha.  ill have to show you all sometime later.

so in tennessee we went to the tanger outlets and i shopped around in gap, and a few other stores! and got some pretty great deals.  first of all i bought a navy and white tyedye cropped cardi, and some straight black bootcut jeans, and i returned them both :o  i didnt really have alot of time to shop, everyone that was with us were veryyy impatient.  so the next day i went back and exchanged a few things.  i switched the navy cardi, for a long teal color cardigan for fall, in a XL just for length.  i switched my bootcut denim for a superskinny jean in size 16/33 and i also got a nice warm black scoopneck sweater from gap in a size XXL, im going to loveee this in winter.  I also went to American Eagle, they had amazing deals! it was ridiculous.  the only thing that caught my eye though was this really cute stripped vest! regular price 39.99 and i got it for 4.95! size XL and i loveee this! it goes great with my wardrobe. <3

and heres a really old NOTD i found. loveee this color btw!   its Petites - Coral Pink.
my favorite coral creme color that i own.  its darling.

and this is in direct sunlight. :]

Monday, August 2, 2010


welll heres a few photos of the other day that i took, i finally decided to use some false eyelashes that i had, except i couldnt figure out how to use the entire full lash, so i just cut them in half, and put them in the outer corner of my eyes, and i love it!  they look so natural, and full.  i already have pretty long full and thick lashes, so that just made them look alot better! <3

and heres a terrible picture of my OOTD with my new striped jean vest i got from american eagle.  
haha, you can also see my colorful bunkbed, and my little goliath in his cage. and my monkey slippers i wear every day! :D   i wore this outfit to apply for a job at the mall. i applied for a key holder position at Charlotte Russe (great store btw :D) and i have an interview tomorrow for it! and im so lost on what i should wear ):

i was actually wearing a different pink top, but i got toothpaste on it ): so i switched to a pink tank for the photo.
vest - american eagle size XL
tanks - old navy size L
jeans - gap size 16/33
shoes - rue 21 size 9
i got soooo many compliments on my boots, which is a first. but i rarely wear these. haha.

awh, my adorable boyfriend, sleeping in my bed after work.  how presh <3
he hates this picture though xD

Sunday, August 1, 2010


well heres my vacation pictures! gah i always forget to upload, oh well. i didnt take that many pictures, but i do have a few OOTD pics from vacation, and dont mind the bad hair, i never had time to do it haha. 

this is one of MANY pancake pantry places there, and everything looked like this, all wooden or stones, it was similar to myrtle beach type things, except different styles. hah.  so yeah, there had to be 20+ pancake places along the main road.

me and my little bear! we saw some live bears also :]
top - victorias secret size XL
shorts - the avenue size 14 ( these shorts are sooooo comfy <3)

the aquarium! only my mother, brother, and i went.  i love aquariums, even though they're all the same. i just HAVE to go in one when i see it.  i love fish, and the ocean <3

terrible OOTD  
cardigan - gap mens size XL
tanks- old navy size L
shorts - the avenue

the last meal we had there, at the pancake pantry, and since im not a huge fan of pankcakes i got the french toast, why the portions are so large i dont know, i only had three slices. >.<  and it wasnt very good either, TOOO SWEET!  but they had a million different types of pancakes. it was insane.

ah i have to do a post of all my hauls i purchased over the past few weeks! ill do those later :D
have a nice night all!