Wednesday, August 4, 2010


bleh, ive had such a bland day i guess. 
i went to the dentist early this morning, NO CAVITIES <3
ive only had a cavity once, except when i was around ten. 
so i basically had a pretty lazy day.
bryan came over before and after he had to go to work 
and i made pancakes for dinner when he was at work.
also i went to get bubble tea ( which is where he works) and got a DELICIOIUS passionfruit/cocconut with lycee bubbles tea. it was amazing  no lie.

lazy day outfit! 
gap cardigan - XL
panthers tee - M
tank - american eagle L
jeans - american eagle 18

and im lovinggg the ASOS clothes <3 
i'm definetly getting these whenever i get moneys!

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  1. No cavaties even after all the sweets I sent you? haha lets just say my dentist wasnt very happy with me! :p just joking. I am addicted to reeces pieces now by the way, luckily you can get them over here, otherwise id be begging you to send me more! :) living out of a backpack for a month was so tough danielle! but now im home it makes me appreciate my wardrobe even more :p youre looking great, glad to hear youre keeping busy! xx