Monday, August 30, 2010


hey all! man, im finally getting used to going back to school. and i pretty much loveee it :D  haha, except im not used to being with younger kids in my classes.  ive already written a full essay for my english class, and done loads of math homework, but unfortunately my math class is insanely easy ):  i was expecting it to be rigorous like all the other math classes i've taken.

well heres the sleek palette! i got in a swap from myy friend ayden! :D


& the colors are soooo shimmery and pigmented, i ADORE this palette <3
now all i need is to get my hands on a costal sense palette or urban decay ;o

and just a quick NOTD its O.P.I -  and i cannott find the nailpolishbottle, shoot.  ill figure it out then edit the page :D

well i hope you all had a great mondayyY!

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  1. Your blog posts arent being updated on my google reader! :( Aww Im so glad you like the sleek pallete! :) I got your comment about wanting to go travelling with your mister, how exciting! Just tell me what it is you wanna know :) Hope youre all good girlie, big hugs xxx