Thursday, September 2, 2010


lots going on with the title right! :D 
well today was a semi-okay day :/ i had a math test, that i did fab. on! and then i got my hair cut.  i went to this place ive never been to before, and my cousin cut my hair instead of my regular expensive stylist.  and when i got there i had NO idea that it was a beauty school.  until after i was halfway through the haircut...  yep. she did a terrible job. my bangs are uneven, and my hair isnt symetrical.  ): so im going to my regular stylist tomorrow to see if she can fix any thing.  
like i said in a previous post, i went and got a couple revlon things and few mac items. and im SOOO EXCITED. 

sooo this is what i got! for only around eight dollars! 
revlon matte lipstick in 001 nude attitude
i got the new lipstains ( that are amazinggg btw) they last forever. i got flame and forbidden
and i also got this cream eyeshadow palette  in buff chamois. 
and does anyone know what i use to put these on? ive been using my fingers ):

and my gorgeouss mac things ;]
the lipstick is a creamsheen in crosswires, its a really bright coral, but it looks dark pink in the light ):
and the blush i wasnt going to get but it looked great when i swatched it.  its the mineralize blush in utterly game, and its a nice dusty coral/peach/brown? :D


and this is essie california coral <3 ive been trying to get natural light pictures, and they look amazing! 

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  1. Oh hun, that sux, there's nothing worse than when a hairdresser get's it wrong :( I'm really precious about my hair.
    Well done on the math test!
    Loving the coral nailpolish by the way :)

    Thanks for stopping by, just became a follower xo