Thursday, September 16, 2010


TA DA!  HAHA. i just got my hair recently cut, and i dyed it.  and i loveee it. its so much easier to maintain now. <3  and ive beensuch a slack blogger lately!  ive been busy, super super busy.  i got a gym membership with my mother.  and weve been going every single day, except thursdays cause i usually dont have time. ):  but the gym is sooo much fun!  bryan is going to join soon, or so he says heh.

oh! i got a job! YAYYY at charlotte russe.  their clothes are so adorable.  i love it. i havent bought anything yet though! im trying to save up for christmas shopping, so i can get an entire new wardrobe :]
hope you guys have a fan tabulous weekend!  even though its not friday yet, for me thursdays are my fridays :]  
no school :D yay.

oh, and if you were wondering my makeup or outfit!
i have mac - utterly game on my cheeks
mac - crosswires on my lips
and on my eyes is the revlon natural cream eyeshaddow pallette
and my dress is from kohls, and the brand is apt.  9 and its an adorableeee dress <3

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  1. just been catching up on all your posts missus :) WOW at your hair, you are looking amazing!! so pretty :) well done on the job, glad to hear you are keeping busy and thats awesome youre hitting the gym so many times a week. i struggle with twice a week, ha! hope you are well and that everythings been ok with you lovely :) what else have you been upto?! xx